This was not the year of beauty for me. For the first time in 6 years, I did not obsessively spend money on beauty products... yet I still became Sephora VIB Rouge and Ulta Beauty Platinum so I guess my wallet begs to differ. 

For the majority of 2020, I did not wear makeup. I think I applied foundation five times throughout the past 10 months. At the start of quarantine, I tried to get ready every morning but somewhere around June and July, I couldn't be bothered anymore. 

Aside from not going anywhere where makeup was necessary, no makeup got left behind quite like lipsticks. What is the point of wearing lipstick if you're going to put a mask on top of it and then have it get all over said mask? 

While makeup took a major backseat in 2020, skincare and haircare were on fire... for me and for the beauty industry in general. While I might have one or two 'makeup' items on this list, you'll see more hair and skin care products than ever before. 

I tried a lot of new beauty products this year; I made some big purchases that paid off and others that weren't. I splurged on the Drunk Elephant product that I've been dying for and incorporated new types of products into my routine. Beauty was weird this year but I still had my favorites!

My Favorite Beauty Items of the Year

Drybar Double Shot Blowout Brush

This is a life-changing product. If you buy anything from me, ever, make it this blowout brush. I raved about it in this Beauty in Review post and every time I use it, I fall more and more in love with it. I have thick, curly, frizzy hair that is a nightmare to blowdry. When I'm at the salons, sometimes two people have to dry my hair with two blow dryers each. I've never walked into a salon and not had people gawk at my hair. It's bad... and I've never blow-dried it successfully, myself. Until this brush... 

I give myself a salon-quality blowout every time I wash my hair. My hair is soft, bouncy, voluminous, and just gorgeous whenever I use this blow dryer. And it takes virtually no time -- definitely half the time of a regular blow dryer. 

Supergoop Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40

I ran out of my 'previous' favorite sunscreen this year and even though I wasn't going outside much, I still wanted to wear it inside. I sat near a window all summer long and knew I needed the extra protection. Plus, this sunscreen has blue light protection. Supergoop is a brand I didn't really try before so I finally splurged on the Glowscreen and wore it all summer. It is the best SPF I have ever used and I love it! It gives the most gorgeous luminosity to the skin, while also protecting you. It pairs super well under makeup but is perfectly fine to wear alone. It also didn't give me any weird allergic reactions or breakouts which I'm thankful for because my skin is very sensitive. Supergoop is truly the BEST SPF out there! 

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Treatment

When my hair started to get dry, brittle, and horrible around April/May, I searched high and low for products that would help me. I had a sample of this Shea Moisture mask and decided to use it on a whim. Well, it completely changed everything for me. It restored my hair, made it very soft but also strong. My hair no longer felt brittle or grimy, it felt like I had come from the salon. The mask is thick, emollient, and really gets into your locks to nourish and hydrate them. You apply it before showering and then rinse it out, and shampoo/condition as normal. The difference between how healthy my hair feels before and after this is shocking. It completely changed my haircare game and I knew that I needed to start caring for my hair beyond shampoo and in-shower mask. 

Charlotte Tilbury Vanish Magic Corrector

I mentioned the Vanish Magic Corrector in my December 2019 favorites but it was loved well into 2020. I apply this creamy corrector before applying foundation and concealer, and my dark circles are magically gone! This is extremely lightweight compared to other correctors I've tried which is great for 'no makeup' makeup days. I've worn this with tinted moisturizers and lightweight foundations -- there is no reason you can't wear a corrector when you want minimal makeup. You could probably get away with not wearing concealer with this because it is that good. My dark circles are hereditary so no eye cream is going to get rid of them -- that's why this is a necessity in my beauty routine, no matter how big or small. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Push Up Lashes Mascara

Another Charlotte Tilbury product, surprise! This was a late entry as I purchased it in the fall but I couldn't mention it. This mascara is truly magical. It really does push up your lashes... my lashes touch my eyebrow bone when I use this mascara. That's really what I'm looking for in a mascara -- length and separation which this mascara also does well. When I use another mascara in my collection, they just don't compare and I always end up going back to this one. I raved about it in my November 2020 favorites so read more there but I can confidently say this is my favorite mascara of all time. 

Honorable Mentions: 

What were your favorite beauty products of the year? 
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