My holiday nail game has been slacking lately only because I feel silly wearing anything other than red, gold, silver, or green before Christmas... after Christmas, I'm all about the deep, dark shades mixed in with some winter whites and blues. 

That's why I was so excited when I received the Lights Lacquer Holiday Collection in the mail. First off, the PR package is truly iconic. It is the most beautiful package I've ever seen and I want to treasure it forever. It's shaped like an ornament, in a beautiful baby blue color, and has gorgeous holiday accents inside with the descriptions and names of the polishes. I was overwhelmed when I received it and knew that this was my manicure for the next few weeks.

I decided to start out being super festive and chose to paint my nails with the red & gold shades. The red is called "Lucy" and the gold is "I'm All Toasty Inside". I haven't listened to Kathleen explain the names behind everything but if I know her, "I'm All Toasty Inside" is a reference to the Grinch. *After I wrote this, I went back and watched her reveal video and these are ON POINT. I know my girl Kathleen WELL* 

"Lucy" is a true, Christmas red. It looks like the coating on a candy apple or Santa's pants. It is FESTIVE as hell and I don't think I've ever owned a true Christmas red like this. It definitely has a reflective shimmer to it which I like. It's not a flat red and I think that makes it all the much better; it brings the shade to life and makes it unique. 

The formula of "Lucy" is spot-on -- much better than other Lights Lacquer polishes I've tried in the past and I really like it. It went on super smooth, not goopy, and didn't bleed onto my nail beds. I also think the lasting power is pretty good. I wore it for 3 days before it chipped and that was because I was packing up boxes. 

"I'm All Toasty Inside" polish is NOT a typical glitter polish. It's not grainy or scratchy -- by feeling the dry, hard polish on your nails you wouldn't know it was glitter. I love that because I hate the actual feeling of glitter polish. It's also so beautiful! The gold is super gold and the glitter reflects in the light so beautifully. The polish goes on super smooth, not goopy and it has a decent lasting time. Similar to "Lucy", it chipped after 3 days and only because of what I was doing.

I'm pretty obsessed with "I'm All Toasty Inside" and will be wearing this for months to come. It's the perfect gold glitter to add to your nail collection. 

These polishes were really wonderful. I highly recommend and I can't wait to paint my nails with the others -- maybe this week I'll do the green and review next week! There are six shades in the collection and you can purchase the entire bundle here


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