What do we call scarves, gloves, hats, and earmuffs? Are they winter accessories? I couldn't find the right world for them when writing this post and I feel like it was driving me a bit mad. 

Either way, I wanted to talk about them today! I feel as if these winter accessories are commonly forgotten about... I know I forget about them whenever I leave the house. Then I'm caught in the freezing cold without protective gear. It's not that I don't have the items, because I do, I just simply forget them when I'm getting ready to leave the house. 

I think the key to remembering your gloves, scarves, and hats is to have them in the same place as your shoes and jacket... and to have really cute items that get you excited about putting them on! I searched the internet for some of the cutest & coziest looking winter accessories to buy this year. These would also make really great stocking stuffers -- I love getting a new hat or new gloves on Christmas morning! Sometimes those practical gifts are the best. 

What is your favorite winter accessory to stay warm?
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