As I mentioned in last week's Manicure Monday, I was excited to try the other shade in the Essie Blue Moon collection that I picked up.  As soon as I wrote that post and my polish started to chip, I broke out "Payback's A Witch". 

"Payback's A Witch" is your classic sparkly black shade. I wouldn't say it's not original, but it's different from "Broom With a View" because it's a shade you've seen before. It has a black base with silver sparkles and throws silver in the light.  It is perfect for Halloween, New Year's Eve, or any time you're feeling a little dark. 

I haven't found a good black, sparkly nail polish in a while and this is definitely it. The formula was much better than "Broom" and it went on super opaque without any patchiness. There was a little bleeding onto my cuticles when I initially applied the polish but it wasn't too bad.

I do think this polish chips a little faster than "Broom With a View" and I did another application halfway through the week to cover up the chipping. When I did go to take this polish off, Sunday night (as I write this), it was a little harder to get off. It felt like the traditional gritty, glitter polish but it definitely wasn't as bad of an experience as other glitter polishes I've used in the past. 

All in all, I really loved this polish and I'll continue to wear it throughout the winter season. For now, I will go back to my fall colors because I missed them while testing out the darkness. I also really want another shade from the collection!

What is on your nails this Monday?


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