When I saw that Essie was releasing a "Blue Moon" collection in regards to the blue moon that will be happening on Halloween this year, I almost fainted. I have always had an affinity for astrology and as I've gotten older, I've learned more about the planets, the moon and how astrological signs interact with them. I've learned more about crystals and New Moons, Blue Moons, etc... it's all very interesting to me and I'm very into it at the moment.

If you were not aware, there is a Blue Moon happening on Halloween this year. A blue moon just means that it's the 2nd full moon in one month's time... the first full moon happened the first few days of October. The fact that the blue moon is happening on HALLOWEEN is pretty cool so I'm into it.

The Blue Moon collection from Essie is exclusive to Target and the moment I saw it was available, I ordered two shades. After going through my polish collection a few weeks ago, I realized I had too many nail polishes and I simply cannot wear them all in one season so I'm trying to cut back. That's why I only bought two polishes and not the entire collection -- I also really loved the names of the two polishes I got. 

First up this week is "Broom With a View" which is currently out of stock online but I'm hoping it'll come back in stock or you'll find it in-store. I chose this one because the name was just outrageous for this time of year and I felt like I had never owned a polish like this.

It is very much a blueish purple shade with undertones of grey and black -- it's just what you would imagine a blue moon looks like, mixed with the night sky and silvery stars. It's utterly gorgeous! I've had these polishes displayed on my dresser for the past week (since receiving them) because I couldn't bear to think of them in a drawer. They're so beautiful in the bottle you can't imagine how they will translate to the nails but boy did they!

I applied Broom With A View on Saturday night (as I type this) and was pleasantly surprised at the application process. Usually, with these Essie colors, they're a little goopy or gritty because of the sparkles but not this collection. It went on very smoothly, just as if it was a traditional cream shade. 

It was also surprisingly opaque. Sometimes the glitter can almost water down a polish formula and it takes at least four coats to have some sort of true color. Once again, not the case with this collection. Two coats were all it took for the color to be true and perfect.

For a base coat, I used my Ella + Mila "All About the Base", for a top coat I used Essie Gel Couture and then topped it off with Ella + Mila Quick Dry Drops

The only concern I have is when I take the polish off, will it be gritty and difficult like traditional glitter polishes but I will update you next week when I review the 2nd polish from the collection.

Now, that color... oh boy. I feel like Zeon Girl of the 21st Century with an entire galaxy on my nails. The color is just as it is in the bottle; blue/purple with silver, grey, and black undertones. The light catches it in a gorgeous way and it is spooky yet calming at the same time. It is truly the perfect Halloween nail but in a weird way, can work for Christmas and New Year as well. 

I love the way my nails look with this color. It's a nice change of pace from the usual orange, burgundy, angora cardi colors that I go for during this time of year and I never knew how much I could appreciate that. I follow such strict manicure rules and it feels nice to have an excuse to wear a super dark color to match my mood. 

If you can find "Broom With a View" in your Target stores, I highly recommend picking it up. It's very unique and truly gorgeous, especially to wear on what I'm sure will be a low-key and spooky Halloween. It is 2020 after all.


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