There is simply nothing like a gorgeous, cool, fall day. The air is super crisp, there's a slight breeze and the sun is shining but not too hot... the scent in the air reminds you of a Scholastic Book Fair in 1997. Everything is perfect. 

The only thing that makes a fall day even better is when you have it all to yourself with no one to answer to. I always feel like I do my best self-care in the fall and winter because the weather really sets the tone. When the weather is cozy, you also feel the need to indulge in coziness. 

I've been thinking a lot about self-care recently because right now, we all need some extra TLC. I figured I'd share my steps to have the perfect, ultimate, self-care fall day! 

Take Your Time in the Morning

I hate nothing more than being rushed in the morning. I like to take my sweet time with every waking moment. If I don't have to, I don't set an alarm so my body wakes up naturally. I spend a little time in my bed, scrolling through social media before getting up and making coffee. Then, I usually get back in bed to unwind a little more. That usually consists of more phone time, maybe reading a few pages of a book, and watching Youtube videos. 

After, I like to make myself a healthy yet indulgent breakfast of protein waffles or pancakes (pumpkin-shaped, of course) and have more coffee. When the weather is extra nice, I make sure to open my blinds and windows to really let the fall air inside. 

I live for relaxing and being able to lounge around in the morning and get my head straight really helps me feel my best.

Do What You Love

In my masked up glory running errands yesterday. It felt so good to get things done! 
Wearing Taylor Swift folklore merch, a Stoney Clover mask & Lele Sadoughi headband

This might sound weird but I love running errands. I love going food shopping, to the car wash, or to Target to roam around. I live for my errands and I love a to-do list. I don't know why but I just do... it's an odd form of self-care for me. On a self-care day, I put on leggings, a sweatshirt, grab my bag and run a few errands. I try not to do too much so I still have time and energy to enjoy the day but a quick Trader Joes or Target run does the trick. 

If you love doing something else, like going to the park or taking a walk around the block, make sure to make time for that during your fall self-care day. It'll make the day that much more rich and enjoyable! 

Eat Something Indulgent 

During the week I try to remain steady on my Weight Watchers plan but once Saturday rolls around, I just want something *more*. If it's a special self-care day, especially during the fall, I like to treat myself to a fall treat and it's usually something I bake. I find baking super relaxing and enjoyable so it's a win-win for me. It's usually a pumpkin spice cookie or muffin and to me, there's nothing better. 

Relax, Fall Style

When people say 'self-care', my mind immediately goes to a dark, cold room with candles & a good movie or tv show. That is how I self-care (it's also how I spend most nights). My mom always calls me the ultimate relaxer because I am truly an expert at finding peace and calm. To end my fall self-care day, I'll get under some blankets & throw on Hocus Pocus (or Gilmore Girls) and chill. I turn on my twinkle lights, light a fall candle and bask in the glorious feeling. I might dip into my face mask stash and do a fall mask, like the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask . I just really love to bask in my alone time and feel recharged and rejuvenated. 

My fall self-care days don't look much different from any other season but they feel different. The addition of the smells and tastes really enhance the experience and as someone who thrives in this season, it heightens my happiness. 

What do you like to do for self-care?

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