It's finally PSL season and I couldn't be happier! My house is decorated, I've only been drinking pumpkin coffee, and new Fall clothes are currently en route to me. This fall is going to look a little different than past ones but that's not stopping me one bit.  

Over the weekend I switched my fall & summer nail colors so I can see everything I have. I'm so excited to wear all my dark nail colors but also excited to see what colors are new in the market. 

NCLA, a brand that I have tried a few times, recently released their Fall collection and it was stunning. I knew I needed to scoop up at least one polish and it obviously had to be PSL Season. PSL Season is a creamy, rich brown/orange shade that is the perfect shade of fall.

fall manicure-fall nail polish

PSL season- Fall nail polish-fall manicure

I have never used an NCLA polish but wow, I was very impressed. The actual bristles of the brush were nice & thick but the part you hold was weird, short, and long at the same time. It made it a little difficult to use because it's different than OPI and Essie but by the end of the manicure, I had a better grip on things.

fall nail polish-fall manicure

fall-autumn nails-manicure

The formula was really nice... opaque yet not messy. It wasn't too thick and went on very nicely. It dried down pretty perfectly and in the coming days, there was minimal chipping.

I have no issues with this formula or the polish -- it was a quick favorite! NCLA has a shade in their Fall collection called "Back to Black" that I really want to try. I've been on the hunt for a good black polish.

I have more Fall nail colors on their way and can't wait to apply and review them for you! 

Have a great day everyone :) 



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