Little Loves, Vol 9

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 I can't believe we're closer to 2021 than we are to the start of 2020. I also cannot believe how much has changed in the past 9 months... and I don't mean the state of the world. I mean how your life could look totally different in a matter of just a few months. Change happens every day but when you look back over a period of time, you can reflect on how things look different.

This time last year, I had a serious boyfriend who I cared for very much, I was just starting a new job, my home life was pretty solid and things were looking up. Now, my personal, family life isn't that great, my aunt passed away, my boyfriend broke up with me and I'm settled & excelling in my job. 

Things are so different and it's a scary thought when you sit back and think about it. Add the extra layer of the world on top of it and it shouldn't be a surprise that we're all feeling a little less than happy. 

I talked about the state of my mood in last week's Royal Round-Up and after that, I feel like I've had a few good days. Sometimes you have to take control and push the negativity to the back of your mind. Some days, I have to pretend the world isn't in the midst of epic political turmoil and that we're not in a global pandemic and be positive. Or sometimes I need to let my personal negative problems take over and not worry about anything but myself, because the other stuff I have no control over. 

All of that being said, let me show you, in photos, what has been happening! 

A little Fall desk set-up with everything I need while working from home

Mood lighting is always necessary

I recently picked up this new Stoney Clover Lane notebook along with these stickers for planning

This is what a night out in 2020 looks like handbags, masks, and sanitizer 

A 3sp pizza that rocked my world 

My favorite Tory Burch bag + Park & Beach Bracelets

I ordered adorable Disney straw toppers from The Fawn Doe and the packaging was so cute!

I went to my first 'She Said Yes' party a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous! 

I did my first Fall haul of the season a few weeks ago and I'm feeling pretty good about everything I picked up

I hope you all enjoyed this little update! 

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