Royal Round Up, Vol 3: Week 25

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Happy Saturday! I have a nice, long weekend ahead of me -- I was off yesterday and off on Monday so I'm in a great mood. I have so many things to get done, like mail a ton of packages, clean my room, blog, write an article, and do some other behind the scenes work. 

I've been feeling so motivated and flowing with a lot of ideas but honestly, no actual physical motivation to do the things I need. It's pretty frustrating but I'm trying to be gentle with myself and get myself back on track. 

New York is entering Phase 2 on Monday, Long Island is heading into Phase 3 so things are slowly but surely opening back up here... however, other states are seeing huge spikes and it's making me nervous. There has been so much change lately, so much unrest, the idea of quarantine ending makes me really nervous. I just hope everyone stays safe, wears their masks and we keep this virus at bay. 

I don't have much else on my mind... tomorrow is Father's Day, my least favorite day of the year since my dad died and I'm planning to see my grandpa and then spend some time with my mom and sister. 

Now that I'm done rambling, let's get into the post!

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