I know it may seem insensitive to start posting regularly again but in my mind, social media is just the first step in advocating for change. I promise to diversify my content, share more meaningful organizations and businesses owned and operated by Black people and POC. Just because I'm posting normal content does not mean things aren't happening behind the scenes.

Now that the PSA is out of the way, let's get into the post.

I recently got a bunch of new Ella + Mila nail polish and nail care items so I was really excited to do a full Ella + Mila at-home manicure. I've used their polishes in the past and really liked them so having more colors to try out was nice. I also have been a big fan of their Quick Dry Drops so I knew they understood nail care. 

I love the branding of the brand, their colors, and the bottles. It's a strange thing to like but I really love it! 

For this manicure, I used the following products: All About That Base, Dulce Amor polish, In A Rush Top Coat, and Gotta Jet Quick Dry Drops.

I hadn't had nail polish on for over a week so my nails were clean and clear. I applied the base coat, waited a few minutes, and then applied the color on top. With two coats, the color stood out, was even, and not patchy at all. 

I waited another few minutes, applied the In A Rush Top Coat which made my nails shiny and pretty dry, then applied the Quick Dry Drops. Within 10 minutes, I had a beautiful summery manicure! 

The nail care products from Ella + Mila definitely made all the difference, in my opinion. They're great products and I will definitely continue to use them and once  I run out, I will repurchase. I feel like they made the manicure shinier and easier to apply. 

The colored polish, however, chipped after a day or two and I had to reapply. I then started picking at the polish and it came off in sheets. I think this is common for Ella + Mila colors but I still really like the polish. Perhaps I will try it out different combinations of nail care and the color polishes to see if something else works better.

All in all, I love the brand, I love Ella + Mila colors because I feel like they are unique. This might sound weird but they almost are a dull version of other colors. Like they are not as bright or as neon but they still work and look nice. 

What's on your nails this week?


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