Black Owned Beauty Brands I Love

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I made a commitment a few weeks ago that I was going to be more mindful of the content I am producing here on the blog. I don't get a ton of brand deals so I can't give back in that way. However, I do shop a lot so focusing on putting my money in good places can be how I help. 

When I looked at my beauty collection, I noticed a lot of brands were Black-owned so it seemed very organic for me to start there. I'm not hoping on a trend or going out to buy a bunch of stuff just to prove a point. These are items I use daily, have repurchased and/or really love. It's just timely that I share them with you! 

Right now, these are some of my favorite Black-owned beauty brands and a few products I love from each! 

Shea Moisture

I have been using Shea Moisture for a lot longer than I think I realize. I've used their body care, skincare, and hair products for years but it wasn't until the past few months that I was intentionally seeking them because I found products I was obsessed with. 

Shea Moisture makes good, quality products that actually work and are pretty affordable. They have so many different products it can be overwhelming but once you find the items that work for you, it's very rewarding. 

Shea Moisture was built in Sierra Leone when Sofi Tucker started selling African Black soap and Shea Butter in her village. The brand is built upon that legacy and some of their most popular products are still held within those product lines.  They are very intentional with their products and their ingredients and you can feel the message behind each product.

Right now, my favorite product from Shea Moisture is the Manuka Honey& Yogurt Hydrate & Repair Hair Mask. I'm going to do a bigger post on my hair routine but this is a saving grace product. I never want to be without it! 

Below are some of my other favorites from Shea Moisture: 

*It's important to call out that Shea Moisture is owned by Unilever, a bigger conglomerate but at it's heart, Shea Moisture was founded by a Black woman and to my knowledge, is still owned by one, and also has Black roots.


This is a brand I was recently introduced to a few years ago when I received some products in PR. Nyakio is a clean & green beauty brand with African practices rooted in their skincare and they also have a lot of different products that cater to different skin types and needs. My favorite product from the brand is their Quinoa De-Puffing & Firming Eye Cream. The brand seems to have limited availability right now but keep an eye on Target to see when certain items come back in stock. 

Miss Jessie's

When I discovered Miss Jessie's almost 10 years ago, my life was changed forever. While I am a white, Italian American, my hair has always been very curly, wavy, frizzy, and generally unruly. Since I was a young girl, it was something that made me self conscious and I have been straightening my hair since I was 10 years old. When I was a teenager and going int college, I discovered Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls, and my life was changed forever. It was the first haircare product that helped me embrace my curls and I'm forever thankful. I have also tried the Jelly Soft Curls but Pillow Soft made me feel like Carrie Bradshaw! Miss Jessie's is one of the best hair care brands I've ever used! 


Speaking of haircare brands that are life-changing, Briogeo was founded and is owned by a Black woman, Nancy Twine. Briogeo popped onto the scene a few years ago and is an extremely popular brand amongst the beauty community. Twine also became the youngest woman ever to debut a beauty line at Sephora which is a huge accomplishment! I've talked about Briogeo many times before and always seem to have at least one product in my collection at any given time. Below are my favorites! 

Another Black-owned beauty brand that has been on my radar for a very long time is Beauty Bakerie. I mean, the branding alone is enough to send me over the edge! I hope to pick up something from them asap!

What Black-owned beauty brands do you love? Share the suggestions below! 

*Fashionista put together a huge list of beauty & wellness brands founded/owned by Black women.

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