Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! While this definitely isn't what we expected, it's what we were dealt. The good news is that life is slowly but surely getting back to normal. Places are opening, New York is lessening the leash a bit and deaths/cases are decreasing, albeit very slowly. 

I had today off, and have Monday off so a nice four day weekend sounds ideal. I also got word this week that I won't be going back into the office until at least September so it'll be my second summer in a row (last year was unemployment) at home. I still cannot believe this is happening... it's insane to me.

This weekend, I have a few socially distanced plans with friends & family but mostly I want to try to work on projects and get myself together. I had a rush of creativity and motivation this week so if I can hone that, I will be very happy. 

Right now I'm watching 20/20... one of my favorite pastimes and messing around on Twitter because the Jonas Brothers Fanfiction Archive relaunched today (this was a site back in the day where Jonas Brothers fans would write fanfics and I was quite popular on the site. I had so many stories and it was the first time I tried writing. It means everything to me and I'm so freaking excited!) 
I don't have much else to ramble about so let's get into the week!

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

My favorite candle company started shipping again this week! I picked up the No Bad Vibes candle and Wash Your F***** Hands

I also stocked up on notebooks: My sister picked me up a Kittenish notebook from Jessie James Decker's store in Nashville and I've been using it for work during the Q. It's the best notebook ever so I ordered two more! I also picked up another Priority Planner from May Designs - they're having 40% off right now! 

Have a great long weekend everyone!
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