Friday, oh Friday! This week was weird... our routines felt very normal and it's a weird groove that I feel like everyone has gotten into. I had many failed attempts at different projects, like buying a very cheap iMac and trying to use it as a second screen for work.

I was just over everything this week. I'm over quarantine, I'm overeating the same things every day, I'm over not knowing what to expect next... I'm even over shopping. Seriously, I was opening packages yesterday and it gave me the goosebumps in the worst way. I packed the items up again and am returning everything.

I just am at a loss for words and not sure how I feel about anything. I guess we are all feeling that way, aren't we? It only makes sense.

I'm going to spend the night watching reality TV (Kardashians & RHONY) and catch up on reading & writing. I hope you are all staying healthy & safe!

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I didn't do much shopping, just one more Sephora VIB Sale order. 

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo B
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