I have had this post in my editorial calendar for a solid year and kept moving it. Some weeks I didn't feel like I used the app enough to warrant a review and other times I just wasn't in the right... headspace to write it. I'm sorry for the bad pun but I couldn't help it.

Well, now, in the middle of a global pandemic I figured it's the best time to write about how I started using Headspace and how it has changed me. I first got the idea to sign up for this app a number of years ago after reading Carly's multiple reviews of it. 

If memory serves me correctly, I've been using the app for about two years and at the start, was very religious about meditating every day. I would do it on the train as I commuted to work and would do one-off meditations whenever I needed to center my mind.

Right now, I'm not as steady with it even though I would like to be but sometimes it's hard to remember, even if I do have notification popping up on my phone to remind me daily. However, whenever I'm in the midst of an anxiety attack, feel overstressed or a little too simulated, I find great solace in the guided meditations.

The guided meditation really helps center my mind, helps me get out of the dark place I'm in and helps me calm down & focus. Sometimes my mind is just too loud and I can't seem to quite it (or my body) down so dialing up meditation is an incredible tool.

Over the course of a few years, Headspace has come a very long way. The app itself has changed so much and they are able to offer so many different kinds of meditations; from anxiety and stress to commute or fitness-focused courses... there is a meditation for everyone and every type of feeling. 

Even if you don't suffer from an anxiety disorder but just want to feel a little more peaceful and easygoing, I couldn't recommend the app enough. There are meditations for you too, even if your mental health is in tip-top shape, and I love that.

While the app is centered around meditation, my favorite feature is the Sleep section of Headspace. I use it daily and it has made my sleep so much better. 

There are a few different features within Sleep, such as guided meditations, white noise, and mini-meditations to help you fall back to sleep quickly. However, my favorite is Sleepcasts.

Sleepcasts are basically bedtime stories mixed in with meditation and they are the most relaxing sound ever. You can pick a male or female voice to take you on a relaxing journey, whether it's a sleepy night town, a winter park, or an aquarium. The possibilities are endless! The soft sounds, the ambient background noise, and the low, soothing voices of the speaker put me to sleep in an instant. They even have ASMR options if you are in a super quiet sleep space.

Whenever I turn a Sleepcast on at night, I'm immediately relaxed and get a beautiful night's sleep. It has transformed my bedtime rituals.

Ever since using Headspace, I have found that my panic and anxiety attacks come less and less. I have a tool that is able to guide me to safety within my own mind and I understand the true importance of breathing exercises.. they are no joke and really work! I feel safer with Headspace and I know that if I find myself in a tough situation, I have a solution at my fingertips. It's almost like a security blanket that I take with me everywhere. It is incredible.

Right now, more than ever, we all need a bit of peace in our lives. We need to stop, pause and gather our thoughts... we need to learn to deal with what is happening in our mind and what is happening in the world. Headspace is the perfect tool to use right now.

I'm not sure of any deals on subscriptions right now but if you're in New York, I'm pretty sure you can get a subscription for free thanks to my main man, Andrew Cuomo. I think there are also deals for teachers right now... but don't quote me on it!

*If you are unemployed and need some assistance, go to this link and you'll be able to redeem a free subscriptioN! 

If you use Headspace, please let me know! If you're skeptical of it, let me know and let's chat! 


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