It's very rare that I stray from Essie polishes and when I do, a post is warranted. I've been really intrigued by Olive & June polish for a while but never found a color that spoke to me, or I just wasn't in the market for a new neutral shade.

I'm not sure when I got this Olive & June polish, it was either right before quarantine or when I placed a Target order online.. either way, I just used it and I have thoughts.

With spring in full swing, I wanted a blue shade and therefore, picked BP (I'm not really sure of the naming conventions behind Olive & June but BP is a strange name for nail polish). I've been waiting to use it and last week was the time.

I took this before I removed all the polish so excuse the chips! 

First, let me say that I love Olive & June's branding. I love the story behind it... how the founder wanted to be the Drybar of nails. Listen to her on podcasts, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, it's a wonderful story. I love that during quarantine, they have tried to help people do their own nails with Mani Bootcamp. It's an interesting company.

Their polishes, I've noticed, are very neutral and wearable. They aren't trying to be Essie or OPI... they are forming their own path.

I love the shape of the bottle, how Instagramable it is; the brush is flat & wide which is my favorite kind so applying it was a breeze.

The formula, however, is hit or miss. It was a little watery and a little patchy. It took some maneuvering but with two coats, the patchiness wasn't so bad. It was a little bit of a learning curve but it was good polish.

It didn't chip immediately and wore nicely until a few days in when I start picking at it... which is always the case.

The color was more vibrant on the nails than in the bottle which I am thankful for and it looked really nice -- BP is a color that reminds me of a very light shade of Bikini So Teeny by Essie, the classic summer shade which I need a new one of! I will gladly keep wearing BP and learn how to successfully apply an Olive & June polish.

While the formula was slightly disappointing, I've had worse and I'm not ready to give up on Olive & June just yet. I'll be trying more of their colors in the future!

Have you tried Olive & June yet? What are your thoughts?

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