April flew by in a flash... much faster than March that's for sure! It was also the first full month of quarantine and I'm shocked at how used I have become to this lifestyle. Being stuck in the house isn't horrible for me. I love being at home and I feel comfort knowing that I'm safe. I love working from home and I have a pretty decent routine down pat.

However, I do miss going shopping and seeing my friends. I also think I have accepted that we don't know when this is going to be over and that acceptance has really changed how I'm looking and feeling about this entire debacle.

I also came to a few realizations this month; about my breakup, about my career, about my side hustles. I felt a lot of relief and it feels good.

One thing that I realized is that I need to stop spending! I went crazy with the purchases during the last two months and that's because of my stress and anxiety and the fact that there is nothing else to do. I finally feel like I got it out of my system and I'm going to get back on track. That feels good too.

That being said, I do have plans for my home, and when I say my home I mean my family's. What I really mean when I say that is my bedroom. I want to make my own version of a cozy oasis and add a touch of home office chicness to my desk area. We'll see how that goes...

For now, I want to talk about what I loved during this very short month! Some are new, some are old but all are great!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

I already have a Barefoot Dreams blanket but that has been stolen from me by my mom so I wanted a new one! I also wanted one that was a blush, neutral color so I went over to QVC to see what they had. I scored this gorgeous, huge blush colored blanket and I have been obsessed with it. It's almost become a security blanket and I never want to be away from it. It also makes my bed look very plush and elevated. It's probably my favorite purchase of the year so far, and definitely my favorite purchase of quarantine.

Lele Sadoughi Headbands

You would think that being in the house all-day would prevent me from wearing headbands but it's actually the total opposite. I wear a headband every day to just feel more like myself. I also have been buying too many new headbands thanks to Lele Sadoughi's website doing happy hours every day from 5-7 PM where an item is 50% off! I personally think headbands pull my look together, make me feel like a human, and add a little something to loungewear. I'm planning on sharing my entire collection soon so once I do, I'll be sure to share.

These are the headbands I've purchased recently:

Miranda Frye Rings

I have hardly worn jewelry during the past two months but I have been dying to purchase a few pieces of Miranda Frye jewelry, specifically her rings. I love my rings and still wear them in the house because as I'm working, typing and writing, I like having them on my hands. My two favorites this month have been from Miranda Frye, the Eternity Ring, and the Juliet Ring. They are true to size, so beautifully made and incredibly quality. I feel like I'm wearing a $400 ring, not a $60 one.


I felt like I needed something else to do this quarantine so I figured I'd brush up on my Italian. I learned about Duolingo from Carly as she's been learning French for the past year or so. I was bored one night and downloaded it to my iPad; instantly, I became addicted and within a few days made it to the 4th level. I took 3 years of Italian in high school and so much of it came back to me. It's really fun, interactive, and you're learning at the same time! It's also nice because there is no pressure and you can go at your own pace.

If you're curious about my beauty favorites of the month, head to this post!

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