I've been in the mood to try something different for my manicure and when I stumbled upon these Dashing Diva Ulta Shine Gel Strips, I was intrigued. I have tried different nail stickers in the past and wasn't that impressed; they were difficult to put on, felt heavy and bumpy on my nails, and just didn't look great. However, I had really enjoyed press on nails and these stickers seemed similar enough & had great reviews.

I got the shade 'Glitter Glamour' and they are supposed to mimic gel manicures. I'm not a fan of gel manicures because I don't feel like they're worth the money and I like to change my polish too much. I figured these stickers are a happy medium.

Off the bat, the Dashing Diva Gel Strips were very easy to apply, easier than the other stickers I've used. You just apply the right size sticker to your finger, press it down gently and then file off the excess. It was super easy and took less than 10 minutes!

The only downside to these packs is that they don't come with enough of the same pattern so you can't have the same color/pattern on every nail. I mixed them up and had a different sticker on every nail. I LOVED how the different designs looked and I got so many compliments on them. It was so different from anything I've ever done and obviously a lot neater; I loved the designs the most, obviously, because I would never be able to do something like that with nail polish.

The strips are meant to last 14 days and mine lasted about 8-9 but only because I started picking them off. As I was picking them off, they came off in one strip, without any nail polish remover. My nails aren't damaged from them and feel pretty strong after having a nice break from actual polish.

I really want another pair of Dashing Diva Gel Strips but have to decide what design/pattern I want. I still have leftover from this pack and will probably apply them at some point.

If you are looking for something fun, easy and quick to apply and aren't that skilled with a nail polish brush, I highly recommend Dashing Diva Gel Nail Strips. They are pretty outstanding and a total game-changer.

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