You are going to see a lot of these posts from bloggers, influencers, and freelancers -- those who work from home all the time. I fall outside of those categories as I work from home part of the time but have been doing it for quite a long time.

I've had a handful of jobs since graduating from college and because of the nature of them, all being in the social media field, I was able to work from home when needed. In my new company, we're allowed to work remotely once a week and it's the ultimate perk.

When I was unemployed last year, I was still freelancing so when I wasn't interviewing, I tried to structure my days and give myself a schedule. That taught me a lot about working from home. However, doing that on the regular vs working remotely temporarily, in the middle of a pandemic and national emergency is very different.

Everyone is feeling panic and being stuck in the house all day, with nothing but the news and social media to rile you up isn't the best. This isn't a normal work from home situation because people are stuck together; whether you have roommates, a family, your spouse or your kids -- everyone is at home and it's going to make things a bit more difficult.

My sister and I are both working from home right now, my mom is in and out with a weird work schedule so I definitely can understand the frustration of everyone being in one space. I'm hoping I can instill a little wisdom, give some advice and help you in some way during this difficult time.

Set Boundaries

What is important for me when working from home is to make sure everyone knows that I am actually working. This isn't a day off, it's just working from your house. If you're working from your bedroom, shut the door. Don't tell anyone you are available for errands or household chores... make sure your family understands that you are working. When you set those boundaries, (if possible, if you don't have kids or someone who needs attention), it makes things much easier.

Get Out of Bed

I would be lying if I said I had never worked from the comfort of my bed but it's not productive and it's not good. The key to working from home is to not be in bed. Sure, you can sleep a little later because you have no commute but get out of bed and MAKE your bed so you are not tempted to crawl back inside. If you need somewhere more comfortable to work or perhaps you're having a slow day, head to the couch or a comfortable chair, maybe even sit on the floor but do not get in bed.

Try to Stick to Work

It is very tempting to do other things when you're at home; things are naturally going to be slower because you don't have the distraction of in-person meetings, co-workers or other office happenings so you feel like you have extra time. Don't get into the habit of showering in the middle of the day, doing housework, or working on your side-hustle. Do feel free to set aside time for breaks and if you wish to do something else on a break, fine but don't get sucked into doing less work when working from home. It'll keep you on schedule and show your boss that you are as serious at home as you are in the office.

*Everyone says to get dressed and put makeup on but most days I spend in my pajamas. It doesn't make me feel more productive when I'm dressed but if I do feel a little gross, I'll throw on leggings and a sweatshirt. Yesterday I even put on a little makeup but like I said, this isn't a normal WFH situation.

Share your tips on how to successfully work from home in the comments below!

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