TGIF if there ever was one! I had a very long week and am happy to be in my bed, watching Riverdale and catching up on other shows. Work was very hectic, in a good way, this week so the weekend is much needed. However, the weekend is going to be packed; wedding dress shopping for my BFF tomorrow during the day, date night tomorrow night and a baby shower Sunday.

I wasn't in the best headspace this week and shopped a little too much. My no-buy was pretty much nonexistent this month and I'm determined to get back on track in March. I was feeling extremely anxious and a little manic so I stress shopped.

On that note, I have done really great at paying off huge chunks of my credit card which was the entire point of the no-buy so it's not a total loss.

Enough babbling, let's get into the roundup.

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

I purchased a new iPad (have been saving up for this) and some other nonsense because I have no self-control. I picked up a new Olive & June nail polish and nail stickers, the Do Not Disturb candle from Evil Queen, two prints from Etsy (Melys and Holly Nichols), this adorable Dumbo keychain and a new duffle from Love Shack Fancy x Stoney Clover Lane. (I got the purple one which is sold out now but you can find other prints on their website) I also went to the SCL sample sale this week and picked up a new flat pouch & some initials patches. 

Whew! That was a lot. Have a great weekend everyone!

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