Happy Friday! The week didn't feel incredibly long and for that, I am super grateful. It definitely started off rocky... Monday I was really anxious and depressed. I came home from work, got into my bed and under my weighted blanket. I just felt horrible, for no reason.

After a few hours of sulking, I laid with my mom like the baby I am and cried my eyes out. Once I got it out, I felt so much better. Sometimes a good cry is all you need to feel better!

That being said, I have another low-key weekend by myself as my boyfriend is out of town again. I will be seeing my family and baby cousins, as well as going to the gym, making a Shop Rite run and then watching a lot of television. I mentioned it in my podcast episode this week that I need to catch up on Riverdale, Nancy Drew, Legacies, my Bravo shows, and finally watch Miss Americana.

I love slow weekends and I'm really looking forward to another one! Now, let's get into the roundup!

Links to Love

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

I did buy a few things as we entered February and am almost near my budget but I just needed some retail therapy. Below is what I bought from Target, as well as a new Snuggle Pillow & a 'Let's Do Brunch' Tray that isn't available online. Check your local dollar spot though! I also needed a refill of my Shiseido Cotton Pads so I picked those up and finally tried out the First Aid Beauty Fab Pharma Hemp Salve (so far, so good) 

I've been feeling my Disney obsession again so I picked up two items from BoxLunch: princess scrunchies and a Tangled wallet

Have a great weekend everyone!
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