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I've mentioned Stoney Clover Lane over the past few months and I simply cannot get enough. I've admired the brand from afar over the past year or so, ever since seeing their pouches pop up on Instagram. It wasn't until September that I finally bought myself a pouch and the obsession has been in full force ever since.

Let's start at the beginning... 

Stoney Clover Lane was created by sisters Kendall and Libby Glazer; they started it out of their teenage bedrooms, on Stoney Clover Lane. It started out with bracelets and then eventually turned into accessories and pouches, which is what they sell now. The full background story is really interesting and you should listen to Kendall's interview on the Be There in 5 Podcast. It made me love the brand even more. 

The Products & Collaborations 

Stoney Clover is known for its customization abilities and they have a lot of different styles to choose from. 

They have mini, small, large, and open-top pouches along with totes, duffles, and backpacks. Most, if not all, pouches are made of very strong, beautiful nylon with heavy-duty gold zippers that add something special to the bags. Occasionally the brand will release vegan leather, sherpa, fur, or woven options but nylon is their bread and butter.

You can customize your bag to your heart's desire. They have hundreds of patches to choose from: lettersbeauty, fashionfood, or random objects and symbols.. really any patch you can dream up they probably have.

Over the years, Stoney Clover has done many collaborations with other brands but to date, their biggest have been Disney Princess, Mickey & Friends, Star Wars, and Barbie. In April 2022 they collaborated with Target on a huge line of over 300 products, ranging from beach towels and chairs to bathing suits, jean jackets, and suitcases.

In addition to all the nylon bags and pouches, Stoney Clover has vegan leather notebooks, scrunchies, wallets, and more small accessories. They are some of my favorites because you can let Stoney Clover bleed into every corner of your life, which I definitely have.

My favorite Stoney Clover product is a mini or small pouch; they are so versatile, fit so much, and are some of the easiest to customize, in my opinion. One or two patches and you're set... sometimes less it more. 

How to Customize

On the Stoney Clover website, there is a customizer that you can use to layout exactly how you want your item to look. You can play around with different layouts, combinations, and formats. It's really nice to visually see how the finished product will look. 

From there, you can either pay a flat $15 fee for Stoney Clover to customize your item and ship it directly to you or you can add the patches and pouches to your cart separately and do it yourself at home. I usually opt for putting the patches on myself with Gorilla Glue because I'm impatient and indecisive; if you do decide to have patches sewn by Stoney Clover it can take up to a month for your order to ship. 

Sewing is best but I've never had a problem with gorilla glue so I usually just glue the patches on myself! 

Where to Purchase 

Stoney Clover Lane is available through their website and this is where I usually shop. They are the one-stop shop for every collection, every item, every accessory, and patch. You can also find select Stoney Clover items at the below retailers:

Some small boutiques around the country also sell Stoney Clover and you can contact SCL's customer service to find out where it's sold near you.

In addition to those online retailers, Stoney Clover also has their own stores...

The Stores

As of May 2022, Stoney Clover stores can be found in:
  • Manhattan
  • The Hamptons
  • Newport Beach, CA
  • Palm Beach, FL
  • Nashville
  • New Orleans
Each store has its own special style and decor; no store is the same and that's what is so cool about it. They have exclusive merch and patches to make each location special and unique. As people visit each store location you can have the employees stamp your 'Stoney Clover Passport' to show how many stores you've been to. It's so fun and cool! 

For major launches, like Disney collaborations, Stoney Clover will have fun events at each of their stores where you can shop, socialize, eat some good treats, and do fun activities. It turns into a huge party which brings me to my next point...

The Community

One of my favorite parts of SCL is the natural community Kendall and Libby have fostered. It's like our own little cult and I am totally ok with that. During the pandemic is when things really took off for the brand and Kendall started doing a lot of Instagram Lives and created a 'business school' where she did Zoom meetings and discussed all different aspects of owning your own business. It fostered a natural sense of community that expanded beyond social media. 

I've made friends from Stoney Clover, talk to them about other things we have in common and there is a sense of comradery amongst us all. It's so wonderful to see how everyone celebrates launch days, customizes their own items, and just offers opinions and help when you need them. It's the best online community I've ever been part of!    

All in all, Stoney Clover has become one of my favorite brands. I love the branding, the quality, and Kendall & Libby. It's such an aspirational and inspirational brand and just makes me so happy! 

Below are some Stoney Clover items I love!

What questions do you have about Stoney Clover Lane?
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