I've been on a beauty kick lately, trying different products in my collection and resisting all the new launches thanks to my low-buy.

January is a huge time for new releases and there are so many good products being put out, I can hardly resist it.

My makeup routine before work has been less than extraordinary; most days I'm just applying concealer, mascara, and brows which so conveniently, all appear on this list today! Beauty makes me so happy, I simply cannot get enough.

Below are the standout items I've been loving this month!

Too Faced Born This Way Sculpting Concealer

It took me a very long time to purchase this concealer which is so many people's favorites. It was once compared to Tarte Shape Tape but not as heavy; it intrigued me but I just never got around to it. Finally, in December, it was 20% off a Sephora and I picked it up... wow. My life has been changed. It's a beautiful concealer; full coverage, easy to blend, and a beautiful natural finish. It applies great with foundation or alone, with nothing underneath. Since purchasing this, I have no desire to repurchase Shape Tape, the two are interchangeable but it's true that this is not as heavy. It's the ideal concealer if you have dark circles or blemishes you really want to take care of.

It Cosmetics x Drybar Lash Blowout 

This might be cheating because I only have a sample of the Drybar x It Cosmetics mascara, and I've only had it for a week but I don't care. This was another item that I've had on my wishlist since it's release date but never bothered to pick up. Finally, when I saw that it was a 100 point perk, I jumped at the chance to try it. The brush is thick, but not oversized and is a little tapered at the tip. When I use this, my lashes touch my eyebrow bone. It builds really nicely and you can apply multiple coats without it clumping up. It separates and lengthens my lashes more so than other mascaras I've tried in recent memory. I can't wait to purchase the full size... it's a fabulous mascara. 

Physician's Formula Organic Wear Brow Gel

I received a portion of the Physicians Formula's Organic Wear line from Influenster a few months ago and this brow gel was one of the items. It took me a little while to try it out but this brow gel is just what the beauty doctors ordered. The brush is super tiny... it's probably the smallest eyebrow brush I have ever used but that's what makes it so perfect. The formula is a little on the drier side which I prefer so the tinted gel doesn't smear all over the place. It grooms my brows, keeps everything in place and adds the perfect amount of color. This could definitely replace my Glossier Boy Brow and is better for my wallet! 

IGK Good Behavior Smoothing Spray

Months ago I heard Kathleen Lights talk about this hair product on her Instagram stories. I screenshotted it, put it on my list and thought about it every so often. A few months ago the IGK Good Behavior Smoothing Spray was a sample at Sephora and I redeemed it on an order. I recently used it for the first time and my hair game has been changed forever. I am not good at blow drying my own hair and it always comes out super frizzy and poofy. Not with this spray! Good Behavior mimics a keratin treatment so it smooths out your hair once you add heat. Therefore, you spray it all over your wet hair, in sections, and then blow-dry and straighten. My hair looks like I just got out of the salon. It makes my blowdrying experience much more enjoyable and a lot easier. 

What did you love this month?
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