Royal Round Up, Vol 3: Week 4

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I didn't post a round-up last week but in honor of being consistent with the weeks of the year, this is Week 4.

After my aunt's passing, I'm slowly getting back in a routine. I was at work Wednesday-Friday, and now it's the weekend again. It'll be a fun weekend though, with a get together with my sorority sisters and then visiting my grandma and baby cousins on Sunday. I need to try to relax at some point too because without relaxing, I am nothing.

Then, next week it is back to business as usual with a full workweek. To be honest, I'm incredibly grateful to be at work, working my mind and being out of the house. It was hard being inside, with my family, grief, and emotion all day long for a week straight.

I updated you and talked a bunch yesterday so I'll dive right into the roundup.

Links I Loved

There was only one post to be missed this week... Little Loves, Vol 8. I also only bought one thing, my one purchase of the month, a Stoney Clover Flat Pouch from their Cozy Collection. I purchased the mauve one, with no patches so I can carry it as a clutch.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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