Ah, week 1 of 52, it feels really good to have a fresh start, a new page. I've relished in the past three days of the new year. It kind of feels different to me this time around; maybe because I have a hard goal of not buying anything* or because I gained a little too much weight over the holidays and have the goal of losing it but it feels good.

*More news on my low-buy year next week! 

I went back to work yesterday for the first time since December 20th and it really wasn't difficult. I woke up fine, commuted fine, and got my work done. Perhaps it's because it was a Thursday and I knew that in my mind the weekend was close but still, it felt good to be back in the office.

As sad as I am that Christmas and my favorite time of the year is over, I do enjoy relishing in the idea of a fresh start as the first week of January. I rambled a lot yesterday about the new year so I won't keep you too long.

The layout of these wrap-up posts won't change much but my 'What I Bought This Week' section will be very scarce because I am not buying anything.

Without further ado, the first wrap up post of 2020.

A peek inside my new skincare fridge

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

Since the new year began on a Wednesday, you bet your butt I did some shopping on Monday & Tuesday! 

I purchased two rings from Jet, Set, Candy during their 20% off sale. I've admired their jewelry for a long time and I actually do have one ring from them but it was too good a sale for me to miss. I went out with a bang surely! I purchased this Airplane Mode ring and Explore ring. I am so excited for them to arrive in the mail!

Below are a few more items I picked up before the ban!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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