It's the first favorites post of 2020! This month was very long and not what I expected. I had a vision of what this year was going to bring and only four weeks later, that has been totally changed. Now, my family and I will spend the year grieving the loss of my aunt and it's just such a huge blow that no one can plan for.

Because of that, my podcast and Youtube took a blow this month and I didn't do anything with my blog in terms of behind the scenes.

I hate that I put expectations on the year because then when things don't turn out the way you planned, everything feels off.

All of that being said, two things that have stayed consistent: my eating/healthy lifestyle and my low-buy. I have stayed strong in not shopping, have *tried* to be disciplined in eating right and I have actually been working out 3-4x a week which was my goal. It makes me feel really great that I'm able to stick to a few goals.

*I will be doing a monthly update on the low-buy so stay tuned for that soon!

And now, we have come to the point in the post where I talk about the items I've been loving all month long!

Cooluli Mini Fridge

I received a pink mini fridge for Christmas and it was the best gift ever. A skincare fridge is something I would've never purchased for myself but oh my, I'm so excited to have one now! I have it hooked up in my room, near my bags & beauty drawers, and have all my fun skincare items in there! It includes my Tula Eye Balm, a few eye creams, my face & eye masks, and of course a rose quartz roller. I love waking up on a lazy morning, rolling with an ice-cold facial roller and applying cold under-eye masks. It is a delicious, calming ritual that makes me incredibly content and happy. It's not a necessity but it is fun to have!

Billie Razors

This has been a favorite for a few months but I haven't talked about it yet. I've always really hated drugstore razors; I never could find one I loved, they constantly broke, and the price tags are outrageous. I finally decided to try the Billie Razors everyone has been raving about and they were right. The razor is pretty, petite, easy to use and gets the job done better than other razors I've had in the past. However, my favorite thing is price and convenience. For $9 I got my razor and some replacement blades and then for $9 every other month (I chose every other month for the delivery because I just don't shave that much LOL), I get 4 razors delivered to my door. 4 blades in the drugstore cost $30+! That is a buttload of money to save when you need razors. There is also not a guessing game of what blades fit which razors and I don't have to go out, they're just delivered. I loved my Billie so much, my mom and sister subscribed too so we're officially a Billie razor household.

Hydro Cortizone Cream

This is the most random, the weirdest favorite I've ever had on this blog but I have to mention it. My skin has been out of control lately. I'm not just talking about my eczema but I've been having really bad facial reactions where my skin is waxy, hot, and bumpy. The cold and windy weather has also made my skin really itchy and irritated. None of my fancy lotions and potions were working so I went old school and purchase cortizone cream. With one application and some icing, all my reactions were gone. Now, I will never be without cortizone cream because it's a savior when it comes to winter skin.

What have you been loving this month?
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