I know this week has been filled with '2020' posts but this goes hand in hand with my 'Low Buy' post from Monday. I mentioned in that post that I had been decluttering my possessions and it has been making all the difference in my life and mental health.

I've wanted to possess less stuff to have a cleaner room, a clearer mind, and just more peace in my space. I started to get really overwhelmed with everything I had and felt like I needed to really clean things out, get rid of what I don't wear or use, and prepare myself for a low-buy.

That is one of the major reasons for my low-buy as well: I just had too much stuff and I didn't know what to do with it.

Now, after this little de-clutter, I feel so much better. My space is easier to keep neat and tidy, I appreciate my bags and clothes a little more, and know exactly what is missing from my possession, which is basically nothing.


Usually a few times a season I will go through my clothes and donate everything and anything I don't wear doesn't fit or doesn't fit my style anymore. I have a local charity come pick them up so I have a pretty good system when it comes to decluttering clothes.

However, I recently did a few major cleanouts; even as I type this on Saturday night, I went through my closet and draws randomly this afternoon to reorganize and I ended up filling an entire black garbage bag to donate... that is on top of the other garbage bag I already have ready to go.

I realized that I have a lot of clothes, especially winter clothes like sweaters so I needed to get rid of the stuff that I had been holding onto, like cardigans. I gave away three or four cardigans today because I know I don't wear them anymore and I don't need to have them in my wardrobe to just 'have a cardigan in case of something'. I threw out old jeans that I had been wearing and were a little too stretched out and old formal dresses that I knew I wouldn't wear again. It felt so good and now my closet is a little lighter, my drawers are more organized and I'm ready for the rest of the season.


I don't buy a lot of books but occasionally I get sent books in PR. I end up reading them all but once I've read a book once, I'm most likely not going to read it again unless it's a self-help book, Twilight or Harry Potter. I will keep my 'favorite' books that I've read but if I read something, didn't love it, I'm going to give it away. I've had a bunch of books set aside for months (and even more books to be donated in my car) and finally, before Christmas, I took them to my local library and donated them. Over the years, whenever I want to donate books I bring them to the library. To me, it's the easiest way to donate gently used books mostly because I know the library needs them and because it's right down the street.

I love real books so much but right now, I don't have space for them. For now, until I have more space, I'm going to stick to e-books and taking out of the library, just as soon as I get a library card!

Beauty Items

This is a big one. I have a lot of beauty products and until recently, I was holding onto a lot of stuff that was old, expired, or held some sense of sentimental value. One night I got super fed up with my collection and just threw everything out. I kept the things I used, threw out the things that were too used/expired/old and whatever was new or gently used I put aside in a bag for friends and family.

I threw out so many powders, bronzers, highlighters, lipsticks, and anything that was kind of random and I didn't need/use anymore. I downsized my lipstick collection significantly and seeing space in my lipstick tower makes me feel awesome.

This entire process made me see that I really do not need any more beauty products and I need to be a lot more selective in what I buy, receive in PR and also bring home from work.

In the declutter, I got rid of some skincare but I really need to do that again because my skincare drawer is out of control at the moment. That will be my next project!

Bags and Accessories

As of three weeks ago, I had over 25 bags in my collection. I wasn't using them all and was a little overwhelmed by the collection. I have never felt like that about my bags before; I mean, they are my babies! I love them all so much and most of them, equally. However, I didn't need them all.

I knew I wanted to sell all my tote bags because I decided that I only wanted to use my Neverfull MMs from now on. There is a reason it's called a Neverfull -- it's lightweight, never seems full, and is the most comfortable to carry to work. I decided to sell my totes and save up for the Damier Azur MM Neverfull so I could have a complete trifecta collection.

That turned into my mom sitting down with me and telling me I needed to sell certain bags, that they weren't as nice as I thought they were and to really downsize the collection. I started throwing bags aside that I would never consider selling but in the end, I knew were the right decisions. I even threw some makeup bags that were in the decent condition into the box.

I didn't want to sell these on my own because truthfully, it takes a lot of time, effort, and I never seem to get the price right. I sent them all to TheRealReal which I've sold to before and have an incredible experience with them. They priced everything perfectly and I'm excited that my bags will have a wonderful new home.

I'm vowing to not buy any bags this year. Right now, there's nothing I really love or want, or fit into my budget. I'm pretty confident in this so we'll see what happens!

The most cluttered areas of my life have been de-cluttered and I feel 100 pounds lighter. I'm excited about this new step in the right direction, and I hope I can keep it up!

What areas of your life need decluttering?

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