It's the first Book Review Wednesday of 2020 and I don't think there is a more appropriate book to kick off the year with.

I received an early arc of Becoming Superwoman by Nicole Lapin from Netgalley but really I was going to purchase it either way. I am definitely going to purchase the Superwoman Journal she published as well.

I've read another book by Nicole Lapin called "Rich Bitch" and it really opened my eyes to the world of finances. I will have to re-read it as soon as my financial situation gets in better shape. Lapin was a news anchor who talked mostly about finances which is where her first book came from.

I also have her 2nd book called "Boss Bitch" which I'm hoping to read soon! I love her advice and her writing style. All her books are written in steps which I find super helpful. It makes it easier to digest and reference back, really showcasing that these books are meant to be a tool to use in your daily life.

nicole lapin-becoming superwoman

When I first read about "Becoming Superwoman" I thought it would be a little similar to "Boss Bitch" and really about how to do it all in life. What I got was completely different and I'm really happy about that.

Publisher's Summary

For years—maybe your entire life—you’ve been told that success means having it all and doing it all. But working more and harder is holding you back, not moving you forward. In Becoming Super WomanNew York Times bestselling author Nicole Lapin redefines what it means to be a woman who “has it all”—and shows you how to find lasting success by your own definition, on your own terms.
Nicole candidly shares her own story of career burnout and an emergency hospitalization that prompted her to take her mental health seriously for the first time ever. Along the way, she discovered that not only was this priority shift, not a defeat, but it was also the key to unlocking even greater achievements. 
In her third and most personal book yet, Nicole lays out an actionable, 12-step plan to guide you in taking control and becoming the hero of your own story, with the skills it takes to be a real Super Woman—skills we should (but often don’t) learn growing up, from productivity hacks to boundary setting. She makes the case that the real secret to success doesn’t hinge on the hustle or degrees you have but in “putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others.” In fact, self-care is the biggest asset or liability in our careers—when it’s on-point it can help us soar, and when it’s neglected it can bring us down faster than anything else. 
Entertaining, honest, and life-changing, Becoming Super Woman shows you how to banish burnout, ward off a breakdown, and achieve true balance … finally.

My Thoughts

Reading about Nicole's mental breakdown, her past life, and what drives her success was really eye-opening. I would never expect someone like her, who seems to have everything together, to be suffering so deeply behind closed doors. It proves once again that you never know what people are going through.

The book is focused on what to do to prevent burnout and how to handle burnout if you're experiencing it. There are parts related to mental health, career, friendships, and relationships but when it comes down to it, this book is all about taking control of your life. Whether you lost control or you can feel yourself slipping away, Becoming Superwoman is going to help you BE superwoman. You won't become her by doing it all but by caring for yourself.

Being stressed out and tired doesn't help anyone, most of all yourself so it's important to take time to do the things that make you happy. Even if you love working, work should not be the only thing in your life.

I feel as if I have a pretty firm grasp on life and I know myself, I know I can't do too much and I burn out rather quickly. Therefore, I didn't learn much from this book. However, I think it reaffirmed the thoughts I have and gave me the justification I need to say no to certain things or leave work on time or not see my friends for a weekend. It let me know I wasn't alone and that burnout can happen to anyone, at any time, it doesn't matter how happy or sad, how successful or 'unsuccessful' you are.

The glorification of busy culture reached a breaking point recently but I think we are making strides against it, and this is going to be the book that leads the way on that front.

If career books or self-help books aren't really your thing, or you don't know if you would like the genre, I highly recommend Becoming Superwoman. Nicole's writing is like talking to your best friend; it's no bullshit, no fluff, no corny analogies -- it's straightforward and helpful. If you feel like you're on the edge of a breakdown or want to do your best to prevent one, whether it's home or work-related stress, you need "Becoming Superwoman"

What is the first book you finished reading in 2020?
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