This is a very specific type of gift guide but I thought it was so fun! Disney is having a major moment for adults. There are more Disney bloggers and Instagram accounts than ever; so many Disney collections being released by various brands from Besame to Colourpop and Disney clothing is present in every major retailer from Coach to ASOS and Zara. Plus, don't get me started on Disney+.

I've always been a Disney fan and ever since going to the parks two years ago for the first time as an adult, my love has been turned up a notch. When I discovered an entire online community of Disney lovers, I was over the moon. Some people take their Disney seriously and I'm obsessed.

With the launch of Disney + I think more people are getting in touch with their inner child and appreciating the art that went into our favorite movies. I think it's a great time to be a Disney fan; with everything going on in the world we could just a little comfort and nostalgia.

That being said, if you know someone in your life who went to see Frozen 2 in theaters, took off the day Disney+ went live, and has a trip planned to the parks, this is the gift guide for them.

disney gift guide
Danielle Nicole Cinderella Clocktower Handbag | Besame Cosmetics Sleeping Beauty Royal Vanity Mirror
Mickey Mouse Initial Necklace | Le Creuset Disney Ramekins | Disney Princess Floral Sweatshirt
Colourpop Midnight Masquerade Palette | Cinderella Sweatshirt

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