Mercury in Retrograde has left the galaxy of being something only astrologically in tune people know about. It's become a sort of a societal phenomenon that everyone is constantly talking about; brands post memes about it, publishers write articles about it, and your co-workers are talking about it.

I think the first time I discovered what Mercury Retrograde was probably about 5 years ago after I graduated college. The more I paid attention to this time of year, the more I became in tune and the more cautious I became. It's also really nice to be able to blame something for all your communication, travel, and technology woes.

I thought it would be a fun little to do a 'mercury retrograde' survival kit. This is everything you need to ensure you have a lowkey retrograde and if any problems do arise, you're able to combat them with grace.

PS: This retrograde ends on November 20th so there's still time to prepare yourself!

Chargers, Protective Phone Cases, Hard Drives 

I need this adorable Kate Spade charging tray

Technology is notoriously bad during retrograde. Whether it's your computer, phone, iPad, e-reader or TV, you're bound to run into some sort of issues. To make sure everything runs smoothly, try not to fiddle with your Wifi, don't hook up anything new and try not to buy new electronics.  You should also stock up on all kinds of chargers and invest in some protective screen covers/phone cases just in case you drop your phone... no one wants a cracked screen.

Also, be sure to have a hard drive around to back up your computer (BEFORE RETROGRADE) in case anything should happen...


It's been said that if you place amethyst on top of your internet router, it'll clear up any issues it might face. The amethyst promotes clarity and cleanses energy so if it's near your router, your computer will surely find it's way back to the connection. It wouldn't be a terrible idea to keep a piece of amethyst with you during retrograde to give yourself that same cleansing energy.

Dogeared Mercury in Retrograde Bracelet

For $22 you can protect yourself against all retrograde troubles! Dogeared is an adorable jewelry company that has really cool pieces that represent different beliefs. It's no surprise that they have a Mercury in Retrograde bracelet. The rock crystal in the bracelet promotes balance and harmony, making sure to keep all bad vibes away from you during retrograde. I'm definitely going to have to invest in one next retrograde!

Sage Stick

Sage your space before Mercury Retrograde (or any time during it) to ward off any bad energy and to just cleanse yourself and your areas.

Sleeping Supplements

There is a lot of energy around you and in the air during retrograde so you may have a little trouble falling asleep. Be sure to have some sort of sleeping supplement around to help you go to dreamland peacefully! I love my Olly Sleep Gummies or the HUM Nutrition Beauty zZz.

Honorable mentions include a journal to write down your thoughts and worries, a book all about crystals, and the new Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette,

*Also, don't forget your Mercury Retrograde nail polish!

What is in YOUR Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

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