This post is coming a little (much) later in the day than I intended but wow, was I busy today. I was non-stop doing stuff from 2 PM until just now, at 9 PM. It's the day before Thanksgiving and we're hosting so it was a busy day.

The office closed early so I was home with enough time to make mashed potatoes, an apple pie, pumpkin bread, clean, and organize. Then I went on a bit of a cleaning/organizing/decluttering spree in my room and got rid of so much stuff! It is the best feeling ever to have a clean, de-cluttered room.

Now, however, I am exhausted and ready to get this blog up and head to bed!

Today, I wanted to discuss my next gift guide which is for the tech lover in your life. This is someone who is attached to their phone, is never anywhere without an extra charger, or is always watching the Apple launch in real-time.

Since I was a little girl, I have been very into technology. I was always able to fix the computer or television without thinking too much about it. I remember my first AOL screen name and was always on the computer when I had free time. Then, I was always hounding my parents for the latest phone and when I got the Sidekick II for my birthday, I cried hysterically.

To put it lightly, I love technology so these are things that I think any tech lover would really love to open on Christmas.

Kate Spade Phone Charging Tray | Pinch Provisions Tech Kit | Laptop Stand Bluelight Glasses |
Volition Beauty Screen Time Hydrating Mist Spray | Kate Spade Smartwatch | Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve 

Have a great night preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow!
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