Let's start off with the elephant in the room; I never post outfits photos. It was never my thing as a blogger for a few reasons, mainly that I hate taking photos of myself and never felt like my outfits were worthy of the blog. Also, beauty and lifestyle are just more important to me. You can read more about that here.

Secondly, I stole this idea from Grace Atwood. I used to read The Stripe all the time but somehow unfollowed Grace a while back. However, after discovering her podcast Bad on Paper, I'm totally back on the bandwagon and honestly, she's better than ever! I am a little obsessed and love her casual 'what I actually wore this week' post. It's not a lot of pressure, it can be simple iPhone photos but I still get to show you what I wore.

It's not stylized, I don't have to get dressed up -- I just snap a photo of my outfit before I walk out the door. This has never been a glamorous type of blog; sure I share my favorite products and what I love but I've also gotten really 'real' about grief, dating, career... that's what I always set out to make Royally Pink, a real blog for the real girl. Whether I ever make it 'big' in blogging is fine because it's been 7 years and I'm still going strong.

I figured this type of fashion post is the perfect way for me to incorporate my OOTD and some fashion into my content. It also made me realize that I really am not enjoying how I dress. I need and want to step up the style, I just need to get out of my comfort zone to do so!

Without further ado, let us commence the first "What I Wore Last Week" post!


Monday was a leopard day! I paired my Zella leggings with a BP camisole and my J.Crew Long Leopard Cardigan. I also wore my Tommy Hilfiger ankle booties that I got from Macy's last year. 


It was a typical all-black situation for your girl on Tuesday. I am just really comfortable in all black and this was a comforting week (aka that time of the month). I wore my Zella leggings, a J.Crew t-shirt, and a J.Crew cardigan. My Tommy Hilfiger boots were worn once again - I wear them a lot during the colder seasons. 


This is my favorite outfit! I love my Kate Spade heart sweater that I got last year (I loved it so much I got it in two colors, which you will probably see in next week's post. I also wore surprise surprise, Zella leggings & my Tommy Hilfiger boots. It's important to note that I have at least 5+ pairs of these same Zella leggings. 


Thursday was a little different, just a little! I wore that J.Crew cardigan from Tuesday, in a different color with a camisole and J.Crew Ponte pants. I let my boots take a break and wore my Tory Burch Quilted Minnie Travel Ballet Flats


I worked from home on Friday so half the day was spent in pajamas and the other half in gym clothes. Note: I went to the gym AFTER working so there was a real reason for gym clothes. My cold weather gym outfit consists of an Adidas sweatshirt and Zella leggings


I went to the gym again on Saturday so I wore the same outfit as Friday but then Saturday night I went out with my boyfriend and wore the below outfit.

Leith wrap sweater from last year (similar); camisole, Zella leggings, and Michael Kors espadrilles. My denim jacket is from Revolve and is the Superdown brand but it's no longer available! 

I forgot to take a picture from yesterday but I spent the day in Zella leggings (I promise, they were clean leggings) and an American Eagle sweatshirt

I really loved putting this post together *felt like a real Blogger* and I hope you enjoyed it too!

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