This might be a little bit of a taboo subject but it's something we have all dealt with at some point in our lives... hangovers.

I'll be honest, I don't drink a ton anymore but sometimes when I do go all out, my hangovers are horrific, unless I do a little hangover routine. This past weekend I went to a wedding, drank a little too much, and could feel myself crossing the line between 'hangover morning' and 'no hangover morning'. I made sure that I did a few steps to ensure that I would feel ok in the morning... and I did!

Some of these may be things you've heard of before, some may be new, some are a little superficial and some are beauty-related.


This is a no brainer but you have to drink water. At the wedding, I stopped drinking and chugged four glasses of water. Then when I got home, I chugged some more water and felt fine in the morning. Forget about Gatorade or Vitamin Water, just drink regular H2O and you will feel fabulous.

Liquid IV

Going off of the hydration note, if you feel particularly bad in the morning, Liquid IV is going to save your life. I've heard about these little packets for a while but only tried them this past summer. There were a few days where I was a little too hungover and one packet of Liquid IV in water made me feel so much better. It really does feel like you have an IV with antibiotics because it works that quickly. Liquid IV isn't just good for hangovers, it's whenever you feel dehydrated whether that's jetlag, a virus, or whenever you just need an extra boost. It's truly a lifechanging packet of magic.

Hangover Patches

I thought hangover patches were a bunch of hocus pocus until I tried one. I've been super into 'patches' lately so when I saw these patches on Revolve, I scooped them up. Just put on a patch about 20-40 minutes before drinking and keep it on for at least eight hours. You won't feel as crummy before heading to sleep as you would without a patch. I definitely think the patch prevented me from getting as drunk as I would *without* it which is a blessing. Side note: these particular patches STINK. I'm not sure why but they stunk up my entire drawer and honestly smelled a little when I had it on my body. Just be aware!

Cooling Eye Gels/Patches

If you've been around here for a minute, you know I love a good hangover beauty product and eye patches are the definition of hangover beauty. Pop a few patches (Skyn Iceland are my favorite) or gel eye pads/mask (I got a 250 point perk from Sephora of eye gels and they're better than anything I've ever owned) in the fridge and after about 30-40 minutes, take them out and apply to your face. It'll wake your face up, depuff your eyes, and make you feel a little more alive.

Skin Hydration

In terms of hydrating your skin and bringing it back to life after a long night of drinking, find something that is thick and super hydrating/stress reliving, like the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask or the Bliss What a Melon Overnight Mask. These types of products will revive your skin and not make you look run down and tired the next morning, which is ideal if you can't spend all day in bed. 

What are your favorite hangover tips?
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