I had this post idea a few weeks ago when I was using my favorite cotton pads; they are very expensive for what they are so it got me thinking about my other 'essentials' that are more expensive than your average product.

These are items that I use daily but that I could get for a much cheaper price if I wanted. However, the reason I don't buy these items at a cheaper price is that the more expensive, luxurious version is just so good. To me, these items are worth every penny and I will continue to buy them until a cheaper version proves itself to me.

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Shiseido Cotton Rounds

These are the cotton rounds that inspired this blog post. I always swore I would never purchase these $10 cotton pads (they are now $12 for the larger pack) but curiosity got the best of me. I purchased them once and never looked back. They are like clouds on your face, don't crumble or break apart when saturated with liquid and really get all the dirt off your face with just one pad. They are unlike anything else I have ever purchased and I continue to buy them because my skin is so much better with them. If you're a savvy shopper, you can get them in TJ Maxx or Marshalls for a few bucks! Also, the Sephora VIB Sale is a great time to stock up as well! Just try them once; you might hate me for making you spend two-three Starbucks coffees on cotton pads but your skin will thank me.

Slip Silk Scrunchies

Jesus... who spends $40 on 6 scrunchies? ME, that's who! Just like the cotton rounds, curiosity got the best of me and I purchased too many packs of Slip Silk Scrunchies and now I'm addicted. I started out with the larger version because scrunchies are trendy and silk is supposed to be good for your hair but then I realized that I could get more wearable scrunchies for the same price and get more in a pack. Since then, no other scrunchie has touched my hair. I used to swear by Invisibobble and while they are still great and I recommend them, they're just not as good as Slip. My hair doesn't get any sort of crease, I don't notice my hair breaking off as much, and they are very comfortable to wear. I like to wear my hair up a lot and am constantly putting it up and down, so something that won't cause creases or headaches is pertinent. Sephora now sells a 'mini' version that is 3 scrunchies for $20 so it's not as much of an investment.

Beauty Blender

There are many dupes out there for the beloved beauty blender but in my honest opinion, nothing beats the original. There is a reason it was the first and the quote 'often imitated, never duplicated' comes to mind when I think of this brand. They have created a product so iconic that people use the term 'beauty blender' like they use 'kleenex'; even when someone is talking about a dupe, they still say Beauty Blender. However, I don't use dupes and I probably never will again. I've tried a handful of others in the past but nothing compares to the OG. I buy different colors and sizes but they are always Beauty Blender branded. Nothing beats it! It's soft, bouncy, and applies the product like a dream. Nothing is as bouncy or supple, nothing blends makeup quite as well as the OG BB. After being disappointed by dupes, I just decided that I will continue to shell out $20 for a pink sponge and enjoy every minute of it.

Bkr Water Bottle

Stepping away from beauty for this last essential and more into wellness...bkr bottle. I have looked high and low for a reusable water bottle that fits my lifestyle. I wanted something not too heavy, not too flimsy, something that can be put in the dishwasher, something cute, and something that is a good size. Enter, bkr. I did a giveaway with the brand at my old job last year and they kindly sent one to me to try. I fell in love and was immediately smitten with the bottle. Unlike other bottles, after multiple uses they didn't feel gross or dirty, they didn't smell, and while it was metal and didn't keep the water extremely cold, they got the job done. I now have three larger sizes and a mini bottle (the mini is too cute for words) and I'll never buy another water bottle, ever. The size I like (500 ML) retails for $38 but you can get a bottle on their warehouse sale or use Afterpay (which is another post in itself).

What are your most expensive essentials?
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