My favorite month is over and I'm actually really sad about it. I get so upset when October ends because it means we're just one step closer to the best season being over. I wait all year for September-December and it goes by in the blink of an eye. I know I still have two more months, and so much exciting stuff happening but ugh, it makes me so sad!

Live in the moment, Bri... get a grip!

October was really good for me; lots of fall activities and getting settled in at the new job. November is going to be just as exciting and I can hardly wait!

For now, let's dive into what I loved. I didn't shop too much during October and I will do even less shopping in November (more to come on that) but I did find a few things that I simply couldn't live

OH.... and Happy Halloween!!! 

Charmed and Cozy Pumpkin Earrings

I wanted to be fully in the fall and Halloween spirit this month so when I saw these earrings online, I had to jump at the chance to purchase them. I wore these Mickey Pumpkin earrings probably 25 out of 31 days of the month. I wore them so much that they broke but I was able to superglue them back together. They added a little something quirky to every outfit and I felt like I was in the spirit every single day. It's important to me that I feel like I'm making the most of my favorite time of the year and something as simple as earrings help me do that. They are just too cute for words and I will continue to wear them through November and the rest of the pumpkin season. I will also probably buy the candy cane version. 

Anthropologie Boulangerie Jar 

This is probably the most famous, best-selling pumpkin candle of life because I have seen it everywhere for years but never purchased it. I'm pretty sure the brand is exclusive to Anthropologie and if you don't know what I'm talking about, the scent is Pumpkin Souffle and I think the brand is Boulangerie? I've been burning this all month long and it's heavenly. It's a tiny candle but has a lot of burning time and the scent is strong and intense. It is a classic pumpkin scent and is probably one of my favorite candles ever. However, the one complaint I have is that it burns really unevenly. I take good care of my candles but this one no matter how much I burned it or trimmed the wick became a real mess. I'm still going to use it and will probably buy it again because it is the most fall candle I own.

Tula Glow & Get It Eye Balm

I don't think I talked about this before but I've had the Tula Eye Balm for a few months and have been loving every moment of it. My eyes have been really horrible this month; from puffiness to dark circles and sensitivity. This has been saving my life! I apply it in the morning to wake my eyes up and if I'm home might reapply throughout the day. If my eyes are tired at night, I'll apply it again. It just feels so good on the skin and really makes a difference in the brightness of your undereye area. My eyes are very sensitive and almost everything irritates them but not this! It's the one undereye balm that doesn't affect me at all. I really want the Rose Glow Balm they recently released.

What did you love this month?

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