It seems that Essie is back for more astrology polishes and I couldn't be more excited about it! I did a review on their first Mercury in Retrograde collection last year and the polishes were good, but had to be built up to full intensity.

When I saw them post about the second edition, I was skeptical but the moment I saw this hot pink, glittery number I knew that I didn't care about if I had to apply 100 coats, I needed it.

This "Universe in Reverse" collection is available at Ulta and has two shades: Happy Medium which is the hot pink shade and Get a Psy-Kick Out of It which is a bright, vivid magenta but to me looks more purple. I felt that it looked too close to the first collection so I opted out of getting that one.

From the first moment I opened the bottle I knew that this formula was vastly different from the first. The brush was big and flat, just like all the other new Essie polishes but also the formula was a little thicker and I could tell it was going to be more opaque which is 100% is.

This polish acts like a normal polish, just with a lot more glitter which is really beautiful. It's not sheer, goopy, or weird, it's the ideal polish formula; I was good with two coats.

Happy Medium is a true hot pink with silver, blue, and lavendar flecks of glitter within it. It reflects really beautifully in the sun and is such a fabulous summer color. Even though there is glitter within the polish, I don't think it's going to be difficult to get off like other glitter polishes. I think it just has that look because it doesn't feel gritty to the touch.

It isn't a messy formula, didn't smear easily or chip within 24 hours... and it's just so pretty to look at!

I know I say it a lot but I think this is going to be worn heavily throughout the rest of the summer and honestly probably all year round; to me, the glitter makes it more wearable than just a regular hot pink polish.

If this collection has you intrigued, I highly recommend picking it up before it sells out. I'm very tempted to order the other shade to complete the foursome!

Will you be picking up this polish?
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