It's that time of the year when I start to get a little sick of bright, neon nail polishes. I'm ready for my deep, dark and vampy nails and when I saw the new Essie collection hit social media, I fell in love.

The "Rocky Rose" collection is inspired by beautiful earth tones of a canyon adventure and everything in the collection is very rich, very earthy and you can really see where the inspiration came from. There are a bunch of terracotta shades that range from dark to light, and a few pink shades that are just perfect.

This collection is filled with the perfect transitional colors for summer to fall. They're also ideal for those of you who are ready for something a little darker on your nails or just want something not so summery.

I was ready to purchase a ton of colors from the collection on Ulta's website but then I walked into my local CVS and they had a fresh display of the collection. I had to hold myself from buying too many colors but I did pick up my two favorites: "Into the ABliss" and "Rocky Rose".

essie into the abliss manicure monday

I knew that my first test of this collection would be the lighter pink of "Into the ABliss" because it felt more summery to me. I'd save the pink/nude terracotta "Rocky Rose" for later in August/early September when I was really over the heat.

For the first time in over a year, I went for a real manicure and brought this bottle with me. I really needed a good, solid manicure with all the bells and whistles and I was itching to use this dirty mauve shade.

essie into the abliss rocky rose collection

I can't speak to the application of the polish since I didn't apply it to my nails but from what I've seen, it's just as good as any other Essie polish. Two coats and you're done, and it didn't seem to bleed or spread outside of the nail.

The polish has held up incredibly! I don't know if that has to do with the fact that I had a professional apply it or to the formula but usually, a professional manicure only lasts 2-3 days on me and I'm on day 5 and the chipping has JUST started. I think that means that this formula is really good and stands up to the hardest nails.

I really love this color as well -- it's described as a dirty mauve and that's really the perfect way to identify that. It's pink yet has something extra to it and that makes it a great year-round color. I don't have too many of those types of colors in my collection so I'm happy to have one as good as this!

Now, I can't wait to apply "Rocky Rose", buy the rest of the collection and review them for all of you!

What is on your nails this week?
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