I've highlighted my shopping problem here on the blog quite a bit but I don't know if you realize how deep it runs. I like my 'stuff' so much and whenever I find something adorable that I can't get out of my head, I have to have it... even if it is something completely useless.

I've always been this way -- I just like things. As I've gotten older and have gotten more into shopping and having a certain aesthetic in my room, and for Instagram, I've found myself buying more 'useless' items but at the moment, it doesn't seem useless. However, when I look around my room, I see tons of stuff that is really unnecessary for me to have but I had to have.

Now, I wouldn't say I regret any of these purchases. I would even say that these are probably my favorite purchases of all time but that doesn't make them even remotely useful.

Golden Croissant 

For some odd reason, I am obsessed with croissants. They have always been my favorite pastry and when I started working in the city, there was a Paris Baguette (if you don't know, look it up!) next door to my office and I would get a croissant everyday. I soon realized they were way too fattening and restricted myself to only having one when I wanted to treat myself. 

However, I still really love croissant decor, if that makes sense! I love looking at croissants in stylized Instagram photos or in illustrations. I even bought a croissant phone case! I swear, when I go to Paris one day it's over for me.

All of that being said, when I saw a golden croissant dish on Anthropologie, I immediately put it in my cart. I waited a few days/weeks to purchase and luckily it went on sale so I took that as a sign it was meant to be (LOL)

This golden croissant sits on my desk as a piece of decor; I don't use it as a jewelry dish or storage, it's just there for show and I don't know if I've loved anything more than I do this golden croissant. It brings me insane joy but is totally pointless in my life.

It's no longer available on Anthropologie but you can check out all the other trinket dishes they have

Champagne Bell

Around 2014/2015, I like everyone else became obsessed with the 'Press For Champagne' button that was all over social media. I lusted after the piece and had it in my Etsy cart for years after I finally accepted I wasn't going to spend the $80 on the button and started looking for an alternative. I found this adorable hotel bell on Etsy for around $11 and immediately purchased it. Just like the golden croissant, it sits on my desk as a simple decor piece. It's pink, adorable and makes for a great Instagram prop but doesn't get any real use.

Tiffany & Co Porcelain Coffee Cups

I saw a Youtuber unbox these porcelain coffee cups from Tiffany & Co and immediately fell in love. I had never seen anything so beautiful, elegant and perfectly me. I needed them but they were almost $100 and I knew I wasn't going to use them for drinking. I was rediscovering my love of Breakfast at Tiffany's at the time and was in a phase of loving Tiffanys, therefore, I needed these cups. Fortunately, I had a $100 gift card that I won at a work conference and used that to walk into the Tiffany store and buy a bracelet, and my cups. I felt like Blair Waldorf walking out with two Tiffany bags and unboxing my porcelain cups. I use one as a pen holder and the other is on display with my handbags and I love those useless cups so much it hurts. 

Polaroid Camera 

There was a time a few years ago that everyone and anyone was obsessed with Polaroid cameras. I wanted one but never really thought much about it. That is until my best friend Snapchatted me on Christmas morning 2015 and said she got a Polaroid camera! I immediately went onto Amazon and purchased a pink one because I'm an idiot. I have barely used it but once again, makes for a good prop. This is probably the purchase I regret the most and should probably just sell it! 

What are some of your most unnecessary, useless purchases?

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