It's really fun to talk about and buy beauty products; whether it's concealer, lipstick, or eyeshadow, I love trying new things; I love reading about people trying new products and I love watching videos about it.

While that is all fun and games, there is a sector of the beauty industry that isn't talked about enough and it's the nonglamorous side of beauty. It's the stuff you don't show off, the items you pretty much need, not want. It could be a little gross and a little unsatisfactory so I figured I'd talk about my favorite nonglamorous beauty products! These are items that are not sexy but items I use constantly.

Venus Swirl Razor

This is the product that inspired the post. I was shaving my legs and just had an overwhelming love for this razor and needed to shout it from the rooftops. I've tried countless razors since I was 10 years old and really, this is the one I never want to be without. 

You've seen the commercials and ads for the razor that moves with you and if you thought it was a gimmick, you were wrong. I finally picked it up after years of wondering and haven't gone back in nearly a year. It gives me a really close shave, doesn't nick or cut me, and rarely do I miss a spot with this razor. Because it has that swivel motion, you can twist and turn the razor easily, making shaving your ankles and knees really easy. I also shave my arms with this so getting the elbows and upper arm area is pretty full proof.

Julep Cuticle Oil

I don't classify cuticle oil as a glamorous beauty product so here we are. I don't go to the nail salon to get manicures so I have to care for my cuticles at home. The Julep Roller On Oil is the best because it's compact, travel-friendly, and you don't have to worry about getting your entire hand full of oil. You just roll it onto the cuticle and you're all set. I keep this with me every day, no matter where I'm going. I also keep one on my nightstand if I need to apply before bed. It's hands down my favorite cuticle oil.

Emjoi Micro Pedi

This was one of my favorite beauty products of 2017 and that still rings true two years later. The Emjoi Pedi is an electronic callus remover and it just removes all the dead skin from your feet within seconds. Whenever my feet are feeling extra gross, I do this for a few minutes and suddenly my feet feel as if I just got the most luxurious spa pedicure. I only have to use it every few weeks and it's a lifesaver between pedicures. It's really easy to use, doesn't hurt, and the refills are pretty cheap on Amazon

Venus Waterless Razor

Yes, this is another razor but really, you need to go get this, especially for the summer. I've had it in my drawer for months but never opened it. One day this month, I was running to the gym and forgot to shave my underarms (ugh) so instead of taking my regular razor, I cracked this open and life was changed. It's a plastic blade and has a waterless gel that you squeeze out and after shaving, the hair comes right off. It's the perfect on the go razor, ideal for the beach or BBQs but also great for keeping in your desk at work or in your car. Go GET IT. 

What are some of your favorite nonglamorous beauty products?
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