*As I finished this blog and went to look for a link, I found that the book has two different names for the US and UK markets. In the US it is called "The Woman Next Door" and in the UK it's "All Her Secrets". I read the UK verison and from what I can tell, just the titles are different. The book was released in the US on May 23rd, 2019.

If you read my book reviews regularly, you know that I am no stranger to a psychological thriller. I usually listen to them on Audible but I'm taking a break from audiobooks and taking advantage of NetGalley, the site where you can get books early if you're a reviewwer.

The latest book I read is "The Woman Next Door" by Sue Watson and at the beginning of this book I had no idea how it would progress.

Lucy Metcalfe is the main character and is taken with her neighbor, local weathergirl, Amber Young. Amber soon discovers she has a stalker and Lucy becomes a little obsessed with protecting her friend. Everyone in Lucy's life from her friends to her husband Matt tries to tell her that Amber is no good and cannot be trusted.

As the novel progresses, you start to see signs that maybe everyone is right about Amber and maybe there is something off about her. Lucy refuses to see it and Amber keeps taking advantage of her friend's kindess. However, at some point you start to realize that maybe something is off with Lucy... and now no one seems to be in their right mind.

The book progresses on and on, with a few twists and turns. You think you know what is happening but then Watson pulls the rug out from underneath you, continually. Nothing is at seems in "The Woman Next Door" and just when you think the book is over, the real bomb is dropped.

I don't remember reading a book with this many twists (and I love a good twist) -- it was really supsensful without being scary. It wasn't a creepy story... just trying to figure out who was stalking the weathergirl.

If you love psychological thrillers that aren't too intense but have a great storyline, this is for you! I think it might be one of my favorite books of the year.


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