I have officially, 100% transitioned to bright color polishes and I'm feeling it. Please, give me all the pinks, corals, and light blues - my nails are READY.

In my Easter basket from my aunt (yes, I am 26 years old and I get Easter baskets) there was a new color to fuel my love... and it was another Ella + Mila polish! My aunt actually read my Manicure Monday review and went to find a new color for me -- super sweet and thoughtful.

The color she got me was 'Pinktini' and is the ultimate spring & summer pink -- I couldn't wait to paint my nails with it.

Last week I did give my nails a little bit of a break because I found that I was having a little trouble applying polish and keeping it on. My nails seemed congested and almost as if they were rejecting the nail polish. I went bare for a few days and it felt really great -- I also used the Nails INC Detox Mask a few times and it helped make my nails feel better.

However, this past weekend I knew I had to give my nails the pink treatment.

I have to first say that I liked this nail polish than the other color I have. It went on a little smoother and a little more evenly.

The color is striking -- if you wanted a perfect pink that is a mix between neon and hot pink with a touch of coral and peach, then Pinktini is it for you. It's a color that simply screams hot weather and if you're going on vacation, this would be a great matching pair for your hands and feet.

Go pick up Pinktini ASAP, you won't regret it!

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