A few months ago I wrote a review about the first book in a series called "The Thousandth Floor". It was a book that had been on my "to-read" list for a while and I finally decided to purchase all three books to consume.

After "The Thousandth Floor", I was hooked and I quickly read the second and third in the trilogy... "The Dazzling Heights" & "The Towering Sky". I just finished "The Towering Skies" mere minutes ago and had to write the review.

If you read my review of "The Thousandth Floor", you know that the book is set in a futuristic New York where the entire city is housed in a giant tower, that extends a thousand floors into the sky. We follow the lives of all the teenagers who live high in the tower or are not as fortunate and live in downTowers.

A tragedy of course stricks the Tower and that is where we leave off with the 2nd book, as well as the rest of the series.

The entire series is filled with romance, incest (which was weird but you were also rooting for it), computers, death, lawbreaking, and con artists. It has pretty much everything you could want from a series... plus, it was only three books which can be a pro or a con because I want more of these people but truthfully, it ended perfectly.

The third book was probably my favorite because it wrapped everything up in a nice little bow but my goodness, the twists were coming at you from every which way and it was super surprising. The final twist that author Katharine McGee threw our way was insane, something I didn't see coming but also a really perfect ending.

Katharine McGee did an incredible job at bringing this futuristic city to life; I don't know how she thought of everything but wow, I was blown away by her creativity. Everything from the technology to the transportation to having an entire city in one building is so insane and it makes you wonder how McGee's mind works. I recommend the series just for creativity alone!

I think the message of the entire series was that as a society, we are put into a lot of different boxes and it's easy to fall into that trap of being who you think people see you as. It is very important to find your own identity because how you see yourself is what matters most.

"The Thousandth Floor" series was a quick read and each book was beautiful on its own but even better together. If you were someone who loved YA when they were younger (or still enjoy it now) this is a series that you would love. It is reminiscent of novels I read when I was 14 years old and I think it brought the younger, fiction lover out in me. I've been so obsessed with domestic thrillers that this was a really nice step away from that and really showed me that there are still incredible stories out there that don't involve a gruesome crime.

Have you read "The Thousandth Floor" series? What were your thoughts?

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