I really enjoyed doing the first 'beauty that didn't work for me' post because I'm always so focused on finding things that do work for me and telling you about them but that I feel like not a lot of people are honest about the products that didn't work for them.

As I mentioned in my previous post, most of these things have been returned or gifted away and the same goes for these! 

Beautyblender Instaclean Sponge & Brush Cleansing Spray

When I saw that beautyblender was releasing this spot cleaner spray, I was super psyched! I ordered it the first day it was available and when I received it, I put it to the test immediately. After testing, I immediately put it back in the box and printed a return label.

This was incredibly oily and didn't remove any of the stains. It was a weird consistency and I hated the smell.

Instead of this, I just use the Sephora Collection Instant Brush Cleanser -- it is fragrance-free and super easy to use.

Kiehl's Lip Balm

My struggle with lip balm continued when I tried this Kiehl's lip balm. It's the classic, no fuss lip balm that has an almost 5-star review on Sephora.com. This is a fragrance-free balm that has a vaseline consistency. It does get a little oily when you first use it but it doesn't really affect anything else. Just as with other balms, I used this for a few weeks and all was well; then, out of nowhere, it stopped working for me and I broke out in an allergic reaction. I kept it in my collection for months and would go back to it every so often but the result was always the same. I eventually gave it to my sister and she hasn't had a problem with it. My lips are just too sensitive. 

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Speaking of too sensitive... I was so happy when I tried out this cult favorite sleeping mask. I thought it was going to solve all my problems and it did, at first. I was slathering this on every night and I was waking up with lips as soft as a baby's! I was so thrilled because I was finally able to use something that was popular (and smelled good!) 

That was incredibly short-lived as one morning I woke up with swollen, chapped and cracked lips. I was so sad to see that my favorite lip mask no longer worked for me. I eventually returned it to Sephora but I'm curious to try the Vanilla scent that is currently available...  

It Cosmetics CC Cream

This is another cult classic product that I really hated. I didn't have an allergic reaction to the It Cosmetics CC Cream but I really just didn't like it! I don't understand why everyone has an obsession with this product! It's not a CC Cream, it is a full-blown foundation. It looked incredibly heavy and cakey on my skin and I was able to actually feel it on my face. I don't know if my skin just didn't like the CC Cream but I definitely did not like how I looked with it on. I gave it away to a friend who wanted to try it and she seemed to like it! 

Benefit Cheek Palettes

This isn't exactly one product but a category of product. I love a good face palette and have quite a few of them, from Becca, Laura Geller and NARS (to just name a few). One brand of face palettes that I never experimented with was Benefit and I think they are probably highly known for their face palettes. The palettes usually come with five face products and a little brush; they consist of bronzers, blushes and highlighters. To me, always seemed so bulky and useless. I don't have too much space when it comes to my makeup (probably because I have too much makeup) and that was something always holding me back.

It was only a few years ago when I saw one of the limited edition palettes in the store that I jumped at it. I just couldn't get it out of my head and had to have it. I only lasted a few months with it before giving it away because I just wasn't reaching for it. I felt like the colors were all wrong and they were products that I was reaching for. I think the palettes are just too big, too cumbersome and come with too many shades for one person to use.

Recently, Benefit Cosmetics released a mini, three product palette that I definitely want to try! I think they are more my speed.

What are some beauty products you've tried but haven't worked out?

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