This week felt very short which I am eternally grateful for! I need to get into the habit of not waiting for the weekend... I need to enjoy every day and that was something that hit me this week. I spend every single day waiting for Friday at 5 PM and life just shouldn't be like that because my life doesn't just happen on the weekends.

I got better about that in the latter half of the week after having the day off on Wednesday. I had to go to the dermatologist for a yearly check-in where she took two moles off my back and sent them for testing; hopefully, they come back normal.

I had the day to myself on Wednesday; I ran errands, went to Target and just enjoyed every moment of the day. It was so refreshing and I just really felt good when I went back to work on Thursday. I had a really positive day on Thursday; I meditated twice, did yoga, drank a ton of water... just those little things made my day better and I think taking a few moments for myself and really relishing in them will be good for me.

I've been so back and forth with all my habits and really just all over the place lately that I think I need to take a minute, decompress and find out what I want to focus on. Can anyone else relate or do you all just sit there and think I'm crazy when you read these post every week?

Anyways... I guess I will get straight into what I loved and what I bought this week because I bought A LOT OF STUFF.

Also, RIP to Luke Perry. I'm pretty sure Dylan McKay was one of my first crushes when I was 12 years old and binge-watched Beverly Hills 90210 for the first time. I was so happy to have him back on my TV screen as Fred Andrews in Riverdale and honestly, I was devastated when the news broke on Monday.

Links I Loved 

What You Missed on Royally Pink

I also picked up two pre-loved Louis Vuitton items from eBay that I will be revealing in a Youtube video! 

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