Last Fall I was able to attend an NYFW event with Kate Spade. It was basically a dream and a true highlight of my year. The event was with the CEO and new Creative Director; Nicola Glass took over for Deborah Llyod last year and this Spring collection was the first for Nicola.

I got a preview of it at the event so when the rebranding kicked off earlier this month, I was prepared.  I think if you didn't know it was coming, this new rebrand would be jarring.

Kate Spade has a completely new look and feel, along with a new (beautiful) website and new dustbags (which I'm a little too excited about).

As a tech nerd and someone who works in E-Commerce, this new Kate Spade website is truly beautiful. I love the new soft pink brand color and the smaller black text for the categories. It also feels like the backend was updated because I think the website runs more smoothly now too.

As for the products themselves, I get major 70s vibes from the patterns and colors. It has an old feel with a modern twist and I personally like it.

There are tons of new styles that still feel like Kate Spade, like more structured bags but have been updated with curves and smooth edges.

We also got a new Kate Spade logo embossed on all the bags; it's a step away from the traditional 'Kate Spade New York' and is a simple Spade. However, the spade is upside down at certain times and looks like a heart, which was intentional.

I remember Nicola talking about the new look and the new logo at the event. She wanted to embrace the bright colors of the brand in a new way but also pay homage to the spade logo, which is why you see so many spades incorporated through the designs.

I've read a ton of comments on Instagram and a lot of people really don't like the new look but I personally really like it. It's definitely a step away from the classic Kate Spade look and feels but if nothing ever changed, we would get bored very quickly.

There are definitely some pieces that I am just not on board with but a lot that I really do like! Change is always weird and takes some getting used too and while Kate Spade might not be 'kitchy' anymore, it's still beautiful and remains a beautiful, sophisticated brand.

If you want more information on the rebrand, I think Kate Spade's social media explaining everything beautifully, days before leading up to the launch.

*Also, after it was announced that Rachel Brosnahan was the new face of Frances Valentine (Rachel aka Midge Maisel is the late Kate Spade's niece and Frances Valentine was Spade's most recent brand), I took a look at the website and wow, if you want an old school Kate Spade fix, please go pick up one of Frances Valentine's bags. I will definitely be purchasing one in honor of Kate Spade because they are simple and gorgeous*

Below are a few of my favorite pieces from the collection!

What are your thoughts on the new rebranding and new collection(s)?
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