When I think of Christmas, I think of glitz, glamour, glitter and red lipstick. Even though I don't get too dressed up for the holidays, mostly because I'm at home, I still want my makeup to look appropriate and beautiful.

There is something so beautiful about Christmas makeup... it just makes me feel so good.

These are my favorite products to use for a beautiful, holiday look and my favorite ways to achieve a beautiful, yet natural glamorous look for the holiday season.

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Light Base

If I'm in my house, I try not to use too heavy of a foundation. I like a light, breathable base that's easy to wear and good for layering product on top. My favorite foundation for this has been the Laura Geller Filter First Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation or the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. They're all super lightweight but have medium coverage so it gives the finish you are looking for.


I'm not one for colorful eyeshadows and on Christmas, it's not any different. I love my neutrals but I do try to add a little bit of glitter to the look. I love gold eyeshadow on Christmas and my favorite palettes right now are definitely from Anastasia Beverly Hills; the Soft Glam palette is my current go-to and it has the most gorgeous gold, glitter shadows. I've also really been into my Colourpop shadows in Weenie and Lala; they add the most gorgeous shine to any look and I'm obsessed.


I go HEAVY on highlighter during the winter. I want to sparkle like a Christmas tree. I go for more icy tones during the Christmas season or something champagne colored, like Becca's Champagne or Prosecco Pop and Royal Glow. I also love Laura Geller's Diamond Dust or Gilded Honey. I don't feel complete without highlighter and I think it brings an entire look together. 


You didn't know I was a model? LOL This is me
in a shoot for Laura Geller, wearing Fifth Ave Ruby

When I want a lip look to last and look really polished, lip liner is my answer. I've been trying to use lip liner more and more because it really does make a huge difference. I like to line and fill in my lips with the liner that matches my lipstick color and then apply the lipstick on top of it. For Christmas, I tend to focus on red lips as one does and I love my Kylie Lip Kit in Kristen. It isn't a true red but more of a brown berry and I think it's a great alternative for those who want something red but not a true, bright red. It comes with the matching lip liner so you're all set in that department. I also really love my Laura Geller lipstick in Fifth Ave Ruby - this is a true, red lipstick that makes your teeth look white and has a very creamy, luxurious formula. Pair this lipstick with the Laura Geller Ruby lip liner *or any red lip liner* and you'll be good to go.

In addition to these steps, obviously, I do concealer, powder, blush, and mascara. Depending on my mood, I'll see about bronzer and eyeliner! 

What are your must-have products for the holiday season?

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