Aside from my dad I've never bought a guy a Christmas gift. As much as I hate being single, it was always glorious this time of year when I didn't have that extra stubborn gift to buy. I think buying men gifts is one of life's least pleasurable things. As easy as it might be because there are only so many things you can get a guy, there are only so many things you can get a guy until it becomes generic.

I feel like it's very difficult to get a guy something unique and memorable, that you can't easily get someone else. Like I could probably get the same thing for a boyfriend that I would get for my uncles, my grandpa, and my cousins. It wouldn't even matter!

That's why I've always appreciated the gift guide for men every year and now I can finally write my own -- because I actually have a guy to buy a gift for. *I don't want to go into too much detail but I've been seeing someone since June so...*

I know what I'm getting him because he told me a few things he wanted (I'm a BIG believer in getting someone something they actually want AND then maybe a little something you think they might like). I love picking things out for someone, especially my mom and sister but with someone new, I think it's good to get an idea of the type of things they like!

Below are a few of my picks for the guys this year!

gift guide for men-gift guide-royally pink

Clothes & Shoes


Fun, Kitchy Items

What is in your gift guide for men?
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