I'm so happy that in 2018, the love of books is still on the uptick. I feel like everyone is obsessed with reading the next great book and the media eats it all up. They say print is dead but that does not apply to books!

I've loved reading since I was a youngster and I'm happy that I've kept up with it well into my twenties. This year, I read a lot but probably not as much as I would like. I think I definitely read more in 2017 and I think that's because 2018 was the year of podcasts.

I canceled my Audible subscription for a few months to focus on my podcast obsession and I sometimes get lazy with my print/ebooks.

However, there were still a few stand out contenders this year, all which have full reviews on the blog.

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The Wife Between Us

When thinking about what my favorite book of the year is, I try to use shock and intrigue as a deciding factor. No book shocked me more than The Wife Between Us. It was thrilling, suspenseful, and truly unlike anything I've ever read. It doesn't seem like the domestic thriller genre is going anywhere anytime soon, so while it's still hot, please go read The Wife Between Us. *I could've sworn that I wrote a full review on this but I didn't!

When's Happy Hour

This has quickly become one of my favorite career books of all time so it's no surprise that I would include it in my favorite books of the year. When I found out that Betches was writing a career book, I put the date in my calendar and when I couldn't wait anymore, I emailed the publisher for an advanced copy to review. It was the perfect, light but informative career book and if you read anything I recommend, make it this.

The Breakdown

A story about a woman that thinks she's having a mental breakdown after seeing a woman in a car, who turned up murdered the next morning -- sign me up! This was the first book I read in 2018 and one that has stayed with me the entire year. Read the full review here but this was a wild ride, so wild I kind of want to read/listen to it again.

When Life Gives You Lulu Lemons

I promise I'm not the queen of doom and gloom when it comes to my reading material. This was one of the few light-hearted books I read in 2018, and another one that I got early access too and was super thrilled about was 'When Life Gives You Lulu Lemons' It comes from the author of "The Devil Wears Prada" and is the third installment in the series. It was SO GOOD, so fun, so exciting and just a great read. 

What were your favorite books of 2018?

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