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I am best known for having everything and anything that someone could want or need at a given moment. I have always been the kind of person who is prepared for everything, whether it’s hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, or a pen. I like being prepared and don’t like to falter so it’s no surprise that I would want to be stocked with Preventeza


I wrote a post last month giving you the basic information about how Vagisil® created Preventeza™ and how important it is to be prepared while still taking control of yourself; that still stands true.

Vagisil® has always been shameless about vaginal health and now they’re getting shameless about sexual health. They believe and have believed for over 40 years that women should never feel ashamed, whether that’s when they’re buying vaginal health products or now, emergency contraception. 


Preventeza™ is the first emergency contraceptive product from Vagisil®, created for women and by women. They took their values and created Preventeza™ to give women the solution for intimate and sexual health issues. 

Preventeza™ is one tablet, one dose emergency contraceptive that helps stop a pregnancy before it starts. You should take it within 3 days (72 hours) of unprotected sex or birth control failure. There is never a need to panic when you have Preventeza™ and Vagisil® on your side. 


Did you know that 1-in-2 women may need emergency contraception at some point in her life? That statistic in itself should be enough for you to want to be prepared for anything and everything. 

Vagisil® is giving my readers a chance to Buy One, Get One Free, so you always have a backup of your backup pill. Just click here to purchase and redeem the deal. 

As women, we are naturally powerful and it’s time we show that power and be prepared to take control of our lives. 


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