Royal Round Up: Week 41

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I am so happy this week is over! It's currently 8:15 on Thursday night, I'm slightly buzzed off of 1 glass of wine and watching Hocus Pocus. It doesn't get much better!

This was a weird, busy yet nonbusy week. I was running around a lot for work, didn't feel the greatest and it was unseasonably warm and rainy. Today and through the weekend it's supposed to be true Fall weather so I'm hoping the humidity stays at bay and we actually get some coolness. I'm ready for it.

I'm still in a bit of pain/discomfort from my stitch removal. I took the bandage off last night and it's super gross. It feels very weird to have the bandage off and I'm not too pleased about it.

I do have a fun weekend ahead -- going out for a delicious dinner with friends for my Little's (little sister in my sorority) birthday and then Saturday I'm going to a fun little thing called "Rise of the Jack  O Lanterns". You definitely need to look it up! You take a walk through the woods at night and all these pumpkins are carved into fun different things. It's so unique and beautiful. I went last year and was in awe so I'm happy to go back!

Also, I don't think I mentioned it over the course of this week but I did talk about it in one of my vlogs but my mom got engaged over the weekend! It was such a surprise and really happy -- it's really cool and wanted to share this big change with you all!

There isn't too much else to say so let's get into everything!

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I have been lusting after this Kate Spade bag since it was released last month and I found it on eBay, brand new with tags for over 50% off. You bet I scooped it up! 

Have a great weekend everyone!
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