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When I discovered the world of online luxury I didn't know what I was stumbling upon. It has cost me a lot of money, a lot of lusting and a lot of list making. I've learned so much in the 2 years I've been addicted to luxury items, mostly pre-loved but one thing I learned was that there are such a thing as handbag organizers.

Being the resident handbag lover that I am, I was stunned to see these felt contraptions that kept your handbag organized, shapely, and didn't move all your items around.

The OG bag organizer and ones that all the luxury bloggers rave about is Samorga and they cost a pretty penny. I was not about that life and to be honest, I wasn't completely sold on the handbag organizers.

That is until I got a Neverfull MM and wanted something to brighten up the inside, keep my things in their place, and keep the shape of my bag.

I finally saw an Amazon dupe for the Samorga and after seeing a few bloggers I trusted rave about it, I purchased it.

And wow... what a difference a bag organizer makes!

I've been using it for about a month and I never want to use a tote bag without it again. I must clarify that I've used this exclusively with my Neverfull MMs and my Henri Bendel Empire Tote (can we pause for a minute to talk about HB closing? I'm doing a huge post but I'm devastated)

I chose the pink Large organizer because that is the size that fits best in the Neverfull MMs.

When you first receive the organizer, it is folded up and you just need to expand it and put it in your bag. There are a bunch of different compartments that velcro together so you can customize it and remove or add parts. This allows you to customize how big or small you want the organizer, and how many compartments you want to be working with.

I keep all the compartments in because I like to be as organized as possible.

My favorite part about the organizer is that everything stays in their place and stays upright. I hate nothing more than when things in my tote bag are falling over and my bag becomes a jumbled mess that doesn't have any shape. I hate hearing my metal water bottle clink against my keys or when my planners get smashed against my makeup bags.

Now, everything stays where it is supposed to stay and my bags keep their shape. It's so nice to carry a bag that is organized.

Like I said, I've only used this organizer in three of my tote bags and I haven't tried it in any of my other bags, however, I think it's a good size that'll fit most of my bags. If not, I'll probably buy another size to fit those -- that's how good it is.

If you hate when things are a mess in your handbag, I highly recommend picking this up from Amazon. Test it out, use it for a big and if it's not something you love, return it. Or, if not, give it to someone who might enjoy it. Either way, it's under $20 and you can't beat that.

Have you ever used a bag organizer?
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